Friday, October 9, 2015

Colored Angel

I had this thread and thought hmm it won't be good for an
angel but as it turns out this angel turned out the best
 Every one loves it

Unfortunately I only have one. lol
Guess I have to make more like it.

Listened to Harpers' platform today and seems it is the
best one. Others offer things to be taken away with high costs later.
thus will do more hurt than care.
 Voters will not be smart to vote for them.

Ahh Life!!

Movie Review - Dostoyevsky

I love books written by Dostoyevsky.
As a kid I would lie on my porch divan with a bushel of McCintosh apples,
 the best apples in the whole world .
We would go to the orchard in the fall, to collect them off of trees,
helping the farmers.

The best apples, went down well with Crime and Punishment, The Gambler,
The Idiot , Poor Folk, Demons, Brothers Karamazov (my favorite),
Notes from the Underground.
As a kid you don't know what treasures you hold and read until one day,
 as a grown up, things begin
to fall into  place.
This is why I always say kids need their space and their own world to live in.
Mine was around books which I devoured with passion.

I never really got to know Dostoyevsky as a man though .
This foreign movie, in 8 episodes,
depicted him so well and one could see what he went through to write such books.

This movie showed him as a convict, gambler, lover, and a famous writer.
He was exiled to Siberia , suffered from epilepsy as did his son who died of it.

He lost his first wife to consumption. They showed him to be a compassionate man
who suffered deeply and needed support from his brother and aunt and then finally his
last wife.
An artist painted his picture and as people came to the gallery to look at his portrait, some to
sneer and make remarks about his books and life , others saw a great suffering in his eyes.
A man of soul.

I am glad I saw this movie by Vladimir Khotinenko and I think others would enjoy it too,
enough to actually find it worth while to read the books he wrote.
The scenery was good as well

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

3 Angels

I am now making a cotton Angel It will be a lot more work
 since the cotton is thin.
I have 2 started One in pink and one beige

I never thought I would enjoy doing doilies this much
But when you can get Angels out of them then visiting a flea market
is another option since they have many doilies.
Of course they are machine made but so what.
The ones on the 2 ends are for my cousin and his wifes' Mom.
They will fly to England..

This election Justin Trudeau wants to be Prime Minister and lead
 his deficit country smoking pot. lol

What have we come to?
Our old Prime Ministers' would roll over in their graves if they saw what
was happening to this

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Movie Review - Rain Shadow

I enjoyed this movie The Rain Shadow , with Rachel Ward.
She is a brilliant actress.
Victoria Thaine also played her role extremely well.

The story is about these two vets in Adelaide who have personal problems
as well as  a drought and sheep disease and clients who are also neighbors.
 They have to decide the moral and ethical things to do because it is not
only about them but the people who live in this small town of Paringa.

In spite of differences the goodness in people is reflected and
once people are understood, there is no such thing as a bad man.

This is a sensitive movie about caring and love and lifes' daily battles.
I can recommend this movie as a good one to watch.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Angels' Applause

This is a new Angel .

She looks pretty standing over the fireplace and brightens up an
otherwise dull Tuesday morning.

" The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and
 we see nothing but sand;
 the angels come to visit us, and 
we only know them when they are gone."
 ~George Elliot

Monday, October 5, 2015

Cheerful Glances

Oh how they cheer one, glancing at you with their colorful display
of golden yellow.
I have 5 heads in one pot but I am not sure if they will have time to mature
My friends have taken their tomato plants and flowers inside but I think mine
can stay outdoors till the end of October.
They only just began to produce.

The hibiscus is flowering big time as well and I just can't believe it.

I made three angels and  began a fourth one. Keeps me busy for a while.
I crochet making a head and neck and then a torso which I stuff. Then I make the
hair and then I do the skirt which is attached to the bottom and then another
doily forms the wings.
 She then stands beautiful , blessing your home with her goodness.
I suppose she can be used as a tree top but she does not have a light.
 All she would need is spray starch.

The weather has held on, being warm and wet. Umbrellas are covering outdoor chairs
and I suppose they will soon have to be covered in plastic for the winter months.

We are waiting to vote. Will be interesting to see who wins.

Life is moving along at a steady pace. One keeps looking over ones' shoulder to
see if the big one will hit BC any time soon.
They found out that apart from the fact the polar ice cap is melting from above,
heat is coming up from below, which has nothing to do with anything man does.

One of my son's friends has a missing Dad who went hiking up to Cypress and
after missing 12 days the search was called off. They say he must be dead since
 the weather up there is much colder.
Many hikers get lost up there but most are found. One needs a GPS or something
so it can send a signal.

October is a birthday month for many in my family
I wish every one a Happy Birthday.
Let love encompass your heart so you see life through the eyes of the beholder.
in its' raw enchantment.
Have a good one.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Movie Review - Leviathan.

This is another foreign film I enjoyed albeit a sad one.
It is a Golden Globe Winner.

It is a story about injustice, something we all understand and know about
today, life being what it is.
A corrupt Mayor tries to destroy a mans' home business and land.
The man fights back by getting a trusted attorney from Moscow.
who proves not to be strong enough to fight this Mayor and his gang.

What is heart breaking is that this Mayor goes to church and sits like the devil he is, teaching
 his son that God sees all, while the priest lectures on morals ethics values, and Christ.

"God dwells not in power but in truth 
Not in strength but in love
Not in cunning but  the Lords' wisdom
Not in anger and hatred but with bravery
Truth is Gods' legacy
Truth reflects the world as it really and truly is
Without distortion
He who knows Gods' truth can find truth
and Gods' truth is Christ himself.
He who lives feels and does like Christ
Can tell good from evil
How can one preach freedom, while destroying the foundations of morality?
Freedom, is finding Gods' truth
Know Gods' truth and it shall set you free
Only a man who lives by Gods' truth, who defends it, 
only that man is free.
True values are replaced by false ones and who sits in the church,
 but these same people
who profess Gods' truth under pretentious conditions."

Power in the church and the town, is governed not by God but by corrupt  killers who sit deaf
to Gods' words, pretending virtues they do not possess for personal gain.

It is a movie similar to mafia movies we see.
The scenery makes it heart breaking to see a family destroyed the way it is
by greed, alcohol, self pity, and gluton.

The movie leaves one thinking that there must be a way to fight city hall as they say
but the job is not for amateurs.
You can't just say NO to the liberals or dictators of this world who say everything
 is ok as long as it is their way.

Sad movie. Sad life.

On the news Montreal said it has to throw raw sewage into the St Lawrence River
for 2 weeks because they have no where else to put it, doing the repairs they need to do.
Forget that Beluga whales in that area have been tested to be living with so many toxins
 that they should  already be dead.
Where is the justice and why is there no other place to put this sewage and why were they not
prepared to do this job the right way?
The buck continues to be passed by those elected to run this country but who don't know how.
This is similar to the marijuana shops who sell drugs to people without a professional license
proving they are qualified to do so.
Hurting the innocent is always the end result.

No one asks why we have so many toxins in our raw sewage?
 People run in elections, to ask votes of other people who are ignorant or just don't care.

If it kills the animals in this world, man is next and yet human rights is used to kill innocent
people . The public does not understand that human rights, do not exist.
 Privilege exists and privilege can be taken away by the same people vying for human rights.

Leviathan is a book by Thomas Hobbes and can be read on Project Gutenberg
Zvyagintsev and Negin won the award for best screen play.

Something to think about.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Life in Sunflowers

I keep looking out at my sunflowers and finally in September they opened.
 Only God knows if they will actually have seeds or be frosted over.
The tomatoes are still green and every day I wonder if they should be picked.

My neighbor cut his sunflowers down but they had big heads. Mine are small.
Such long thin stocks, standing on their own, defying wind storms and
rain, bringing sun shine into every soul that looks at them.

The yard was full of birds this year, especially hummingbirds which came within
a few feet of you and hovered.
It was like Gods' angels coming from  fairy land
taking you away into this mystical world we see so little of.

One sits and thinks that we tell children stories about these worlds we do not
 ourselves believe in but they exist.
There were more places where they could be found
but man destroys their habitat with concrete cities every day
and we lose much by it.

One wonders how man can live and feel once his dreams and soul is taken away from him.?
One wonders how children can be raised without dreams hope and imagination?
One wonders how people can live without touching feathers on a chicken or fur on a bunny
or smell fields of cow manure without blocking noses.
We called it a breath of fresh air and took deep whiffs of farmers fields as we drove by them lol

In the fall we'd go into forests of rich black soil to collect mushrooms from rotten logs.
Our sense of smell was alive as we searched for more and more smells from nature.

Today we can't find soil like this anymore.
Even the so called black soil we buy in the garden outlets does not compare  to what nature
herself creates. This soil was rich with worms and bugs. It was living soil.
The forests were living forests full of shit and flowers and wild succulent berries full of juicy flavor.

Skeletons of deer heads could be found by rocks and clear water puddles were safe to drink from.
Life was danger and it was great to be vibrant and alive living a life that was not stagnant ruled and poisoned.

You had to make do with what you had. You had to be creative because there was no Martha Stewart selling overpriced garbage at Michaels to make your cake look nice.
This was your job and because it was, it was what made you an individual and different and respected and loved and envied. People, neighbors, the owner of the corner store, were valued .

Achievements were valued more.You wore dresses and coats and shoes and felt like a million bucks,
because they were made by your Mom or Grandma or by elves and the shoe maker.
Self sacrifice was something one did to make others happy.
 No one had to teach us to pay it forward.
Old people were respected.
We helped them and were in turn rewarded by a sweet kindness and stories our parents had no time to share with us.
Between canning and shredding and salting, basement shelves were stocked with goods no store could sell. Your mouth watered when Mom pulled out a can of tomato juice or pickled mushrooms or eggplant spread or apple sauce.
Life was good. Fulfilled. No one had trouble sleeping nights.

When I think about what children today lose out on, it makes me sad.
Man needs a living life,  to keep him whole and his soul in tact and the mall is just not the answer.
You miss walking on city streets shopping and bargaining with small business people.
You miss the smells of bread shops and meat shops, salamis , smoked meat drifting through the night air on streets being covered by big flakes of white snow.
You miss store windows which spent hours every year creating a vision for young minds to behold of towns  churches  trains and animals. Little elves working away to make people happy sent a huge message. No one questioned the existence of Santa cause if you did not believe there would be no presents lol And who is Santa but someone who makes us better people and enriches us by the idea of sharing .
 Jesus in his manger was a story beloved by one and all.
A gift of a babe, to teach man kind that we are all babes that need taking care of.
No man is immune to lifes' injustices and we have to be there for one another.

A living life .
 Living soil.
A living sunflower.

How much of it is lost every year, by people who do not believe and teach others not to believe.

A Bellas' Life

Bella continues to be the love of our lives.

She is full of love and loves to rough house with my son.
 She has everything planned out.
Walkies with Dad, Food with Mom and arguments with Tanya.
She is good for Tanya in that she forces her to accept the world
does not revolve around her.
Tanya argues back like hell it doesn't lol

Bella finally decided the toys have to move over and maybe
should be her next play things.
She is a big talker and demands attention.

Even without kids, toys are nice to look at strewn around the house.
Makes you remember about how life was with kids running around.
Now the dogs are the kids. lol
But even for my son, its nice to see his old things Even though
he doesn't say anything,it makes him feel like home.

The summer was full with changing of the rotten back stairs and getting rid
of and trimming trees damaged by the wind storm we had.
One tree has a top of 6 feet bent 90 degrees but its not broken and the
workers were not able to get it down. It would require a hydro crew
with a bucket on a hydraulic lift to get that baby down or wait till it falls
by itself maybe hurting someone. The problem is that it is hanging on the
neighbors' side and he is not happy.
The city really should come and do it since it doesn't allow trees to be cut.
If it wasn't for the wind storm, we would not be allowed to do
even the job we did, do to clean up the mess.

With the elections coming up , attention is being paid to crime.
Abbotsford is trying to shut down the marijuana shops.

I don't understand people. We buy drugs from pharmacies from
licensed professionals and here shops are allowed to sell drugs.
Like.......... who are these people and by what right do they profess
to know what is good for society ?

We have one woman running in White Rock who says marijuana is safe
for kids. She says in fact , women who took it while pregnant have smarter kids.
Are we making excuses again to breed irresponsibility?

I remember one kid smoking in a dry park being told he was under age.
He was being told to not smoke there because he could set the park on fire.
His response was f off. If my Mother doesn't care, what business is it of yours?
People say don't tell me what to do but when the shit hits the fan,
 these same parents blame society.
It is never their fault.

Well ended up after telling schools and the city, that someone was going to die in that park,
15 years later, a girl was killed in there. Then they cleaned up the park
and began to pay attention  to what was going on in there.
15 years too late.

Have we learned nothing from the history of China when people were all sitting
 in opium dens un phased by the world around them?
It all begins innocent enough. Just open the door.......

Today it is with trees We tell them the trees are a problem.
They take the side of the trees rather than the side of the people who will end up with
higher insurance costs once one falls through their roof and kills someone.
Insanity. Even cities pass the buck.
Laws are supposed to work for the people, not against them.
We elect people to safe guard our cities our children our nation and yet the ones
 who do this get the most criticism.
Come election time, the liberals as usual say yes to everything for a vote.
Do we want to fall like the US?
Do we want our good laws and freedoms to fall to ancient barbaric laws?
Women have the most to lose.

I guess we will see which direction we take in a few more days.

Life In Heaven

Tom Zytaruk is on my mind again.
He blasted Our Prime Minister for trying to save his life.
The Canadian Government does not want our citizens going into terrorist areas. Tom made it a personal fight mentioning he is married to a foreign wife. He does not mention from which country she is, but it must be from one of the countries at war and judging from his name, it might be Ukraine, where Canada seems to have an opinion on, because of the large population of Ukrainians in Alberta and other provinces.

Keeping people in check is a huge responsibility.
Keeping people from harm is a difficult task.
You will never please every one.

The tax payer, on the other hand might be pleased not to have human rights
problems when one of our own is taken hostage for ransom especially when it ends up
they get tortured and die anyway.

War is ugly.
 It has no right or wrong.
Discussian of right and wrong is pointless after the fact.

Tom has to grow up
Whose side is he on anyway? Certainly not his wifes'.
Would he want to put her life at risk?
Maybe he does.
Maybe he wants to be a patriot,. a Joan of Arc martyr, leading men into battle.
Anything can be expected from people 
 living in dreams instead of reality.

Canadians have always played a role of peacemaker.
 It is a good role to play in the international arena.
 It is never a good thing to take sides .

Two wrongs, never make a right.
We should always look for reasons not to fight,
 show insight to disarm rather than arm.
But as they say, don't be a chump either.
Be prepared for anything.
Stay home and dig in.
In this, our Prime Minister is wise.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My Deer

Reading books certainly is much easier to do than watching the news.
At least you have a chance to see it in print and not be exposed to lies,
misinterpretations and manipulations of the tv set.

It's easier on the brain and lets you digest the info you are getting.
Gives you time to think.

I think books will never go out of style because other sources of info
run wild and a muck.It's all become over whelming.
People have changed or maybe they havent. The world was always cruel.
The strong survive and the weak are led into the lions' den.

I was reading the Mansbridge interview with Harper and I had to shake my head.

Would the man really have asked the questions he did if he was not told to?

How many people can we support here? We don't have jobs for our own people.
We dont have enough schools. We dont have enough housing or hospitals or doctors.
We don't have enough money to cover all the social expenses.

What change do people want? To go deeper into debt?
This is what Mulcair and Trudeau intend to do.

We see what Obama did.
 He seems to have been bought out by the banks and look at the results?
Easier for them to buy the man out to look the other way.
Something is out of wack when a man tries to MAKE IT CLEAR.
Clear as mud as they say.

The only people gaining here are those with lawyer papers which are written with the
 aim of  the customer losing. Banks take money but don't give it back.
So how to protect oneself ? Nothing short of keeping your money, in coin, some other place.
You won't get interest but today they give you a little and find ways to get double back.
It's like gambling has taken over everything today.
The house never loses.

We expect bigger things this year in terms of tornadoes and earth quakes.
Well , what do you expect?
Let the good times roll my dear


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Seeds of Life

This year the hibiscus plant is blooming big time. I used top soil with sheep manure.
I always pick the wilted flowers off but they say to leave them on so they seed.
It's too bad the flower stays only for a day or maybe 2.

After pruning the plant you can stick the cuttings into a pot and the pot into a zip lock bag.
Water well and let it root in a nice sun lit area. The plant needs roots to fit tightly so pots need to accomodate that need and not be too large.
The plant loves potassium.

After a flower closes I guess you can put a small zip lock bag over it and wait till it gets black with
the seeds inside.
Collect the seeds and then  put them into a plastic bottle cut 3/4 of the way so the top can be fused back.
Plant the seeds into it and then use scotch tape to seal the bottle to make a green house effect.
Keep in a warm sunny place and wait to see if a miracle happens.
Every time I see a sprout, I call it a miracle.

When I buy shallots, they usually have roots. The bottom part I replant and a new shallot grows.
Makes me think like Wow! Why pull it out? Just cut above the root.
I have coleus cuttings I replanted . they love sunlight and my house does not have much so
lets hope for the best. I guess they will have to be taken indoors soon.

I love playing with plants. They are so much fun especially when you see you have a green thumb.
Plants love people. They are quiet little angels rewarding you with countless moments of inner joy
especially in winter when days become dull.

I put my plants on a bench over the sink close to my crock pot. With the hot water steam from the sink and the heat from the crock pot, it simulates tropical weather. Bathrooms are good too since the steam from  showers is good for plants.

Happy day to you.

Monday, August 31, 2015

El Ninio Disaster.

We were hit hard on our street by winds and rain.
 Trees fell and we lost power for 2 1/2 days.
 The streets were closed due to trees falling.
So many places were hit in BC, they did not have enough staff to repair
the damage. Traffic lights are still out and many detours leave people
looking for new routes to take.

Tropical fish are headed North in a warm water bubble, including sharks.
Will be an interesting winter.
Our reservoirs will be full again though. No more water shortage.
This summer BC had so many forest fires every one smelled smoke all summer.
Some roads had to be closed off due to fires and smoke.
Fires across the border also did not help air quality here as everything goes north.
It being dry did not help. Now I am sure the rain quenched the dry earth.
It was  very welcome to be sure. Hasn't stopped since last night.
Some vin yards said they had a big fire 8 years ago and could taste ash in their wines.

We have a big tree in the back yard we will have to chop up.
Have no idea what kind of tree it is. It has feathery ends with white flowers and tiny blue berries on it. Looks like Elderberry. Its a very good tree to have but you need to know how to harvest it for wine
syrup etc..
Good for the immune system inflamation congestion. etc...
The wood is very light. You don't need a saw to break up the branches.

This day lily grows in ditches. It is so beautiful and lilies are used to treat things like breast cancer, mastitis, urinary tract disorders, uterine bleeding and arsenic poisoning. The roots are diuretic, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic.


Sunday, August 2, 2015

With A Strong Arm, I Am He.

Seeds produced these little offspring, but what are they?
Hopefully apples.
Would be nice to get some trees growing.
Johnny Appleseed was a wonderful person with a very good idea.
If only more people who trek through the mountain sides,did this,
there would be better chances of survival for both animals and people.

Back packers should consider taking some seedlings to plant on the roads
they travel.

 Tom  Zytaruk has been writing in the local papers for a while now.
He touches upon local painful issues that plague the cummunity and it is because of
what he reports that I've been reading his columns.
He reminds me of Val Kilmore who played Bat man. (Don't ask me
Tom's last article gave me a chuckle. He finally got a head ache. lol
I have been having a head ache from his column for many years.
It had nothing to do with noise.
It had to do with so much wrong in this world.
Not only that it is wrong but that people do not realize that how they live their lives,
opens doors to these wrongs and then every one has to sit in it.

Kevin Diakiv also wrote an article:

"Violent crime in Surrey has skyrocketed by 34 per cent, with attempted murders six times that of the first half of last year.
Newton led the city with the spike in attempted homicides, experiencing a 900-per-cent jump in the first six months of this year compared to the same period last year.
It was followed by Whalley at a 300-per-cent climb in attempted homicides,  while other communities saw no change.
Homicides were down 33 per cent overall.
Police say the large amount of attempted murders are due to the drug turf war playing out, largely in Newton and Whalley, where two groups are battling over a dial-a-dope operation.

Now all what these good reporters report, touches upon children and this is where my heart lies.
So I fight with the words from the 10 Commandments and boy do I get blasted and get bad head

Many people write ...well just because a few people are bad.......doesn't mean we all are and we take drugs and drink alcohol but we can manage it. They call you all kind of filthy names which make me 
ask why?  What dirt do these people lie in to make them hate a person who only wants to see them do well?

To these people I retort.... can you?
It's bad when people try to fool other people but when they fool themselves, .....

Can you actually say you can manage your life with drugs and alcohol, when so many other people
who don't use, can't?

Since I was a kid in the east, we read books on how many people suffered from alcohol abuse
and neurological diseases from polluted water, in BC.
 These kids have grown up now and they too have kids who probably follow in their parents footsteps. They too have kids.
So the support for drugs and alcohol increases and police as a result, have a battle that is very hard to win.
When stuff runs rampant and brains are destroyed because of prenatal abuse, problems get larger.
Things which are not ok become ok because these people grow up and take over cities, governments,
and international affairs.
As a result they hurt and destroy more innocent people. News travels fast and more of the wrong people are attracted to come to BC, to do more of the same. Everything and every one is infected.

If things continue to go as they are, Tom Z won't have to worry about noise due to population explosion.
Populations will die because laws are not enough. Laws do not rule. Disease, crime, wars.....they rule.
When you have a willful population without conscience, anything goes.

When you desensitize people into thinking everything is ok and we can manage, what does this mean?
Can we manage?

Well, with a lot less people, it's easier to manage, with a strong arm.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


Nothing distresses me more than having to read stories like this one.
I just can't understand people.
 Paying so much money to hunt and kill for trophy,
animals who just live their lives quietly in what already is scarce
 land for them to live on.

Cecil from Zimbabwe, was such a beautiful lion.
So many people try to raise money to keep them alive and here
this fella from the US thinks if he pays some money
 he can do away with all this effort  .

 I really hope this guy loses his dental clients,
 gets put in jail for life or fed to the lions.
He certainly deserves a punch in the nose.

Preying on animals who do not fear you, walk around tourists all day,
is just blood thirsty killing. What joy can there be in telling a story
that you killed an animal who had no chance against you or your
evil thoughts just for the fun.
Those hunting days are over.
There should never be any licenses given to hunt in Africa for trophy purposes.
Every thing good is always destroyed by man.
I watched Russel Peters and Chelsea Handler on stage.
I have to say those two should get together.
Would be nice to see who would do a better job of shutting the
 other person up. lol

Used to be a time when jokes were clean and funny.
Today it's like comedians are 2 years old.
They are obsessed with their penises and vaginas and poop.
The audience seems no better cause they sit and laugh.
On the one hand Chelsea bragged that someone told her her vagina was tight
at 39. and then she went into how much poop flowed into her huge vagina.

Which is it Chelsea? lol

Then she said she doesn't care what people think and then finishes off by
saying someone knew who she was when she had her poop problem and it
bothered her.
Who are these people?
It got me to thinking about Robin Williams. The guy was brilliant, rich, famous
and yet nothing brought him joy and peace.
Leading unstable lives, eventually catches up to you.

Chelsea teaches people to be immoral. She says ya you need this.
She tries to desensitize women. All she does is hurt herself and a lot of young women
who will believe in what she says. Can you imagine living in a world full of Chelseas?
It would be murder on all fronts.
Russel Peters told young people not to tatoo themselves.
He at least uses his
comedy to also teach people to rein themselves in.
 He said as you age it will look ugly.

This universal humping thing is killing true love.
It is killing something that should be sacred and valued between two people.
We are all the losers for it if we buy into this.
As you watch the world cave into itself like a black hole, you wonder
what will happen to all this beautiful nature?
The trees and flowers, running brooks, sunshine peeking out like a halo through
vegetation. Animals who glorify the planet.

 As man promotes self rape
and self destruction of the one temple existing within himself, then
what of the rest?
What of all the Cecils out there who no one can protect and defend against these vile
things called man?
Man must be the most unhappiest creature on the face of this planet, because he is never
satisfied with what he has or who he is. He always wants more and accepts nothing to stand in his way to get it, not land, not law, not even God.
What do we do with runaway liberalism? What do we do when no one wants the word NO?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Building Bridges

Building bridges has always been a problem in life
be it between people or connecting empty spaces.
Never the less ingenious methods have enlightened generations of
 people throughout time.

Here in Peru, where time seems to stand still, people still find the
old ways, the best ways.
When the old wears away, it can then go back into nature without
much harm.
The only thing I would do is make it a little wider so horses and mules
 could cross as well and maybe a small cart.
 But then it would wear it out quicker .

At home I continue to futz around with my porch garden.
So delightful to wake up to green leaves some of which I began
from a single leaf and now have grown into bushes.
I have some small plants growing. I am not sure if they are apple
or something else. I planted some cherry seeds and will see
 what pops out there. I replant shallot roots and they are sprouting again,.
Potato skins grow fast and just need containers of soil.
Since the rabbits dug and mixed seeds up , I have no way of knowing what is
 growing where . Only time will tell.

I am always looking for inspiring things to do yet lately can't bring myself
to be inspired to do anything. So I sit enjoying my small garden
biding time

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Wild and the Tame

This is not a wild flower. It seems to be a zuccini flower.
Will be fun to see what, if anything, comes of it in a pot.

We finally got a full day of rain.
Hope this quenches the forests which are being eaten by
250 fires here in BC.

The leaves seem to be falling slowly and they cover the grass
reminding one of fall and yet it is only July.
It can only be assumed that it is because of the dry weather and the hot sun.\

Peoples yards are full of sunflowers .They seem to be getting more and
 more popular as  yard plants and bring a lot of  joy to people
 who look at  their  cheerful heads.

We are not Cali but also have  water restrictions. A few years back
Vancouver Island residents conserved water so well, the
hydro company lost money and the public had to pay for the loss.
Seems people never win.

Well 1500 light years away there is another planet similar to earth.
Guess if push comes to shove we can send a spaceship like the one in Star Trek,
and bring civilization to another planet with a new geography.
This planet is larger than our own. Cool.


Monday, July 20, 2015

Sleepy Garden

The children are sleeping on the watermelons in the garden. Sweet smells from the flowers entice them into deep slumber where they lose themselves in green fields swaying softly in a gentle breeze.
The bees buzz alighting slightly on each colorful petal absorbed in the days work.
While children slumber, the day continues with the routine chores that never stop,
day in and day out.
While children slumber in the sleepy garden, I stop a moment, to relish the innocence
and the trust and the wisdom of God in heaven, to create just such a peaceful place to rest
and dream and love.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Garden of Life

If God is truth.... then how does man justify creating and
 changing the rules he bestowed upon man to live under?

If God is the gardener...
then how does man take credit and change creative work
 he does not understand?

If God is the shepherd......
He , unlike man, not only shows the way for man to go but also
takes on the responsibility and accountability of this undertaking.
Who amongst man, can pride himself of doing the same?

It is said with God we will bear fruit and yet our laws justify
empty wombs and death, along paths into darkness.

Forests animals children air water food..... is all at risk in mans' hands.

We sit and pass laws.
We are forced to believe in evil.
We are told to love deceit and shallow ego.
We are told to love ignorance and sin.

Illegitimate courts , government and religion teach to hate the word of God and
The truth of him who created and knows who we are.
They speak of love in unrighteous terms of human rights, leading to a life
in the hell of our choosing.

So few believers know and understand truth today.
They weep and grieve for what they see and hear each passing day.
They are left with hope to rely on, that truth will show itself and all shall be well
as the son re enters all our lives once again in his glory and through him
we can again find our salvation.

Who will follow him?
Who will continue to deny his truth?
Who will tell him then that he must follow our ways, our laws, our justice
which are weak, as man is weak, in the face of undeniable truth.

The Garden of life lives in the light and light is more powerful than darkness.
Yet we are attracted by the dark which covers our sins and makes them
easier to live with. Instead of excelling to the light we falter and say it is ok to live
in darkness. It is ok not to excel.
If it is ok not to excel then why cry when evil overtakes us, haunts us, bedevils us.
Why cry when our loved ones get sick, when our air and water disappear?
Why cry when we have no houses to live in and nothing to believe in?
Why cry in the garden of our creation?
 A Lady's Life

Thursday, July 9, 2015

July 4th.. Post.

As 187 fires burn across BC, including Burnaby,  here in Surrey, haze covered many
 areas ,. It was like the fires were quite nearby.
 Scary actually, especially if you live where there are a lot of trees.
 Our cars were covered in ash and people were warned to stay inside
 to avoid breathing problems.Even so, it was hard to breath when you
 smell the smoke crawling up your nostrils. It felt like at any moment,
the fires would reach us here in the lower mainland.

We took this shot of the sun between the trees because it was unusually
bright. They say it gets that way where there is haze and fire.
It didn't stay there very long and within minutes moved and hid
behind the trees.

We have a wasps nest again and as I watered it to get them to leave, one of the wasps
came and stung my back. They understood where the water was coming from.
Smart wasps.
We have spiders and when they see the wasps they run ;like the dickens to find a place
to hide. It's like watching a Disney movie. The animals behave like people.

I will be picking two cucumbers from my potted plant of 5 and some tomatoes are beginning
to redden. Something ate a little potato from the potato pot and it began to root so I will plant it into another pot and see what happens there. It's nice to have the plant even if there are no potatoes.

So this is life. You live grow listen look and the feast gets larger with every dawn.
Little children are taking over from your children who are now grown and have wee ones of their own.
The world continues to stay heated in politics
Donald Trump tells it like it is. lol
Pot is winning when in Colorado it was proved that this is a big mistake to let things happen.
Run away liberalism is not a good thing.

Have a good one.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Little Bella

This is my little Bella. She is still like a pup
Prances around like a Princess.
 It is soo hard not to love her.\She won all of our hearts.
 I finally did a good job clipping my two girls with a comb and scissors.
Now if I comb through them once a week with the scissors I will never have to worry about
taking them to the groomer They will always have short hair that will not
matt. Matts are terrible on these dogs and very hard to control.

We are having very hot weather so the dogs are enjoying it outside.
They all got the runs. We think its from the Chinese chewies
 we got them. Dogs get sick on them. Best to buy local dog treats.

My cucumber plant has 5 little cucumbers and the tomato plants have tomatoes.
We are enjoying BBQ's and my husband made rice with lentils which we like.
I told him we should always make rice with lentils.
It's nice and quiet on holidays cause people run away from the city.
But the best holidays during this time is to stay at home and take holidays
some other time.

It is nice to wake up to birds. Chickadees are chirping every where.
The neighbors have kids to tango with now that school is out.
My fans are all going but this will not last long. I find summer comes early
now and then cools off in August.

We had a very nice Canada Day. It was spoiled by Gay Pride and Canabis Day.
These two groups are selfish and pushing their luck.
They should leave other holidays to what they are without interfering.
They want respect but show none.

Well that's about it for now.
Shut down the TV sets and enjoy the sunshine while we can

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hells Gate

Hells Gate is a very scary place. They have river rafting.
We often stop here.

Well a crow got into my pots this morning and destroyed everything.
All that work out the window.
I covered the pots with plastic covers and he made sure to take them off.

Not meant to be I guess. Everything wants to live.

People said shoot the b.... and I laughed. Here in BC crows are spirit birds.
It's almost as bad to hurt these birds as insulting a sacred mountain in Malaysia.
so as to cause an earthquake.

It is another hot day.

I made sure to put things that would make noise if something came to touch the plants.
At 3 a m ... Bingo.
I turned the outside lights on and a rabbit hightailed it out of the garden. Sure enough he did some damage again.

Today I transplanted some tomatoes into the now empty pots of other things. Tonight I will put them into containers and cover them for the night This will help prevent intruders helping themselves
till dawn when I am awake.
Who knew life would be so hard lol

Neither bird nor beast dug my potato plant which sports some nice potatoes already.
The cucumber plant is growing nicely. and the 3 bought tomato plants have tomatoes on them already and lots of flowers.
Have to keep an eye out on them.

So another nice day. Back muscles hurt. but hey.... life goes on.
Made a delicious soup yesterday. Used chicken livers and cut up a thin steak in small cubes.
Added fresh chopped ginger , chopped Italian broccoli, chopped celery, chopped beat leaves,
1 can of green jack fruit which tasted like potato and added some pyrogies  for dumplings.
Ended up very tasty and had a wonderful smell to it.
 I like it when my guys eat.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wild Thing

This is the wild flower that came up. Must be a perennial
. It opens with the sun and when there is shade it closes.
It was in a packet of wild seeds and flowers open
at diffrent times. So far I have these leaves growing
but no flowers on them. Then this yellow one springs up lol
The stem is short and the flower lies just on top of the leaves
close to the ground..

Tanya again tried getting into pots so again she must be tied.
This is going to be a fun summer. She almost destroyed my two lemon tree plants
and it took me forever to grow them from seeds.
She seems to be hunting again. Something must be
 coming here to the plants.

The drug war is still on as people keep getting shot by our house.
They closed one street last night after 10 pm.till further notice.
It was a targeted shooting.

Medicinal marijuana was passed to smoke bake cookies and other stuff with.
by judges. People are mad cause they say judges have no right to pass drug laws
pertaining to medicine that was not proven to be so.
I say if they are drugs they should be prescribed by the pharmacy with a doctors prescription.
Otherwise no one knows what anyone is smoking. Besides it's such a smelly thing.
Not pleasant to be around. Here it comes in through the bedroom window as you sleep
when people smoke outside. Not good. We should move next door to these judges and
 puff smoke in their faces all day and see how they like it.

 New laws are also being passed to drive on the right side of the road unless passing or
167.00 fines and three points off the driver license will be taken away.

Other laws pertaining to terrorism created second class citizens of all people not born in Canada.
They now have a right to deport every one not obeying Canada laws.
This is for Islamic problems. The other laws allow the RCMP to look into everyones business
who they feel are a threat to Canada. People don't like this but you know,
it's not against good people but against people who come to hurt Canadians.
Laws are too lax and for the criminal. They take ages to arrest them and then lawyers come in and free them within days. Law is a joke.
Now they will exist for the public that just wants peace.

People come here thinking "freedom" to do all kind of wild things.
Then every one suffers.


Friday, June 12, 2015

Vancouver Diary Speaks Today.

It is blustery cold this morning. But sun is coming out.

After the crows tried to eat my bean plants, my dog
Tanya decided she likes to lie down in the pots.
So now she has to be kept tied for a while till the danger is over.
 She is really obsessed with the pots.
On a better note I already have 3 tomatoes.
The coleus I saved in the winter is beet red now.
and the carnations are coming out, with 5 buds apart from the 5 flowers
I already have.
No hibiscus flowers yet even after putting the plant in very fertile soil.
 We did some BBQ's and crock pot soup with leeks and potatoes
and beet leaves.mmmm
Lytton is on fire this morning and many places have no electricity
 due to the wind.We lucked out. Not that much wind but almost enough
to turn pots over and cold enough for sweaters. BC has weird weather.
 You just never know from one day to the next.
 I love the sun this year. It's not irritating to my skin like in past years.

I took a pic of a flower I have that opens up during the day but it didn't load.
Will wait till it opens to try again. It's so cute.

Obama cartoons show him to be  friendly to terrorism.
They say everything is about black people who are in control
and yet when things go wrong they blame it on racism. lol
Just like in Quebec separatists blamed what the Church did on English people.
Called themselves the white niggers of America.  Unbelievable.

And the news with Rand Paul speaks of financial disasters and our NDP
wants unions back which destroyed our jobs to begin with cause so many left.

Things are lookin good (not).

Love the Mike and Molly show.
Molly is such a good actress. It takes a lot to make me laugh and she does
it every time.
Have a good one.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Salty's England

Salty's is a fun place to eat. on Hwy 10
Nothing but fish and days with all you can eat fish.
They have this picture up I guess in  reference to
Englands' Fish and Chips.
Prices are good too.

Was watching dogs who bark on TV.
They showed you all the ways to stop a dog from barking.

My dogs bark when someone is at the front door.
No one usually comes except for Jehovahs.
They bark when people hang around the house who shouldn't.
I keep them for companionship and to help me be aware when intruders
are around the house who don't belong.

We live by a lane and a green space behind the lane.
Every night, especially in summer ,cars and people show up who
 don't belong, and head on in to buy drugs from some house in there.
I would go check but I don't think it would be a wise thing to do.
They know where I live too. lol
We used to take pictures of licences and when they ask why,
 we tell them for security purposes. It goes to the police.
So they stopped for a while.

Of course they don't like it when dogs disclose they are there and we get
immediate complaints to the SPCA for dog barking.
The amount my dogs bark, doesn't warrant complaints. 
Just the fact they are there , annoys drug people.

The dogs are there to do a job and they do it well.
Why they dont catch the house selling drugs and stop people
 from walking at night in dark lanes, is beyond explanation.

The SPCA can't say anything cause my dogs are old. Beau is 16
and on his last legs. We tell the SPCA, you don't like it? Take the dog.
They don't want the dog cause Beau is a nice dog.
Being old, they can't make money on him and this is what the SPCA wants today.
They would have to spend money to put him down.

The SPCA continues to help destroy the gene pool and pretty soon all dogs will
not be worth the paper people pay for them. No one can enjoy
a demented, in bred dog.

A dog has to be a dog. It has to play and be social.
It has feelings like people do. It gets scared like people do.
It gets protective of family as people get protective of family.
It's loving and caring like people are.
Dogs don't like marijuana coming into the bedroom through the window
when they sleep . The stink wakes them up and people talking outside are
a sign they don't belong in a lane after when it's dark.
It is also not enjoyable to us to smell people having fun loitering
in residential areas.
Car doors slamming are not appreciated as they wake up the household.
They continue to slam till after midnight.

Sometimes I just have to shake my head and think people are the problem
but of course they blame man's best friend who has more intelligence,
respect, politeness and sense than people do.

 Life is not headed in a good direction and you have to be old to see this.
Young people don't see it. They just don't know any better.
That's why they are easy to sway into criminal direction.

Some reporter women complained about Snoop Dog making passes at them.
Well, what do they expect ? They advertise the guy, make him millions and a role
 model for young people to follow as a successful thug.
Thugs don't respect women. Women are bitches.
Women are there to serve their needs.

It's nice they complained but more needs be done like... don't buy what they sell.
Problem solved.

Have a good one.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

PEEEOnie For Me.

What a beautiful day it was today.
 We went to the beach and sat looking out into the horizon.
Came home to beautiful peonie which opened up to expose
it's inner splendor.
Watered my little garden. Things are popping up.
Got some MacCintosh apples.
To me these are the best apples in the whole world.
So I took out a few seeds to see if I could sprout them.

Made lamb shanks which disappeared pronto.
The dogs were competing for the bones. lol

Put beans to soak in water to cook tomorrow.
Otherwise they will take all day to boil.

Then made a pot of steamed asparagus with sausages
beet leaves celery potato macaroni and oats.

Went shopping and forgot the potatoes tomatoes and
oregano. There always seems to be a shortage of oregano for
 some reason. The steak was cheap so I stocked up.

 I got the Fix it to clean the computers and a new printer.
since it is getting hard to find ink for my old one.
This Canon was cheap and wireless.
Like Wow! No wires is so much better.
The ink is cheaper as well.
I wonder if this one has reinking cartridges.?
My Lexmark did not.
We always had to buy new ones.
The day went by very quickly and now tomorrow is another day.


Friday, June 5, 2015

The Purple Blink

This is a pretty little flower that popped up in one of my pots.
 I am sure other colors will follow. They close at night.
My front yard is covered in wild, white morning glories.
How easy it is to grow these flowers. Nothing needs to be done.

The peonies are almost open too. I so love peonies.
The amazing ones are the hydrangeas. These flowers almost keep forever and
can be enjoyed indoors. I hate to cut flowers. I am so bad at that. Like them in pots
indoors so they can grow again.

Bunny was sitting watching my Beau with not a care in the world.
I throw out a handful of my porridge oats every day and it all disappears.

I had oak seeds from a tree I planted and some one ate two of them. Just bit right through them?
Birds? Rabbits? Dogs?
Either the birds or bunnies come to eat the oats.
I buy oats always wanting to make porridge but then forget.
So I make sure to put it into soups . It gives it the extra something.

Today I took out a pork loin and shrimp to bake.
Guess I'll bake it in the early afternoon.
The sun is so nice today.

Joe Bidens son is still in transit. He is visiting so many places
before he is finally put to rest.
So hard on the family to lose someone still so young.
I am always upset for the children.

So far I tasted the forest ham I bought from the butcher and have to say
I haven't tasted ham like this since I was a little girl. The same with the bacon.
We just don't buy ham and bacon with the same flavors anymore.
We buy, what we can really call,dead meat.
 The chicken especially has absolutely no taste to it.
Usually I take a bite and then pass it on to the dogs.

I can't wait to see what the pork loin will taste like.
Pork in their store, is all home grown they said.
Home grown beef would be a problem
cause they said it would be too expensive.
Funny hunh when there is no long haul shipping involved.
They send the young cattle to Alberta
 to graze, and then they have to bring them back.
All this costs money.

So this is life as we know it. Never a dull moment.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Flower Gender

This is one of my beautiful carnations that flowered and
 two more buds sit beside it.Every day there is something to cheer me up.

My Duke finally passed away.
The medicine I bought for his nose fungus did not help him.
It made me very sad to see him at the bottom of the aquarium.

We went to a local butcher beside the fabric store I visit.
I see many people coming out with boxes and thought hmm
must be something up.

Sure enough I found it to be a very nice store and the meat is excellent.
Pork is local. Stuffed crab mushrooms were very good. They had meat pies.
We got one and it was also very good. I got some nice lamb shanks cheaper
 than at the Superstore. We tried the bacon which had a very nice aroma and look
to it. We did not buy bacon like that in a long time. Black forest ham was on special.
Nice slices of steak. We avoided the chicken since today they put too many hormones into it.
but it looked nice but they did have very nice shrimp we indulged in.
We got bison burgers to try for the BBQ and they cut us some marrow bones. We don't see bones like that in stores anymore.
Over all, we came home happy and like to support small local stores. The service is so much better.
Next time we will order the box with precut meat which they do the night before so as to be ready
for you the next morning.
In winter they say hunters bring in venison to fix, to them. I told the butcher I would like to taste it
if he could manage to get a few pieces from them. lol Otherwise we have to go way up north
and they dont always have it, if its not in season.
One of my blogger friends has a husband that hunts moose. They don't shoot the ones that come to their front door in the city . lol  Most of the meat she says has to be minced. Otherwise it is too hard.

I was in a good mood so at home I made some buns.
The aroma was so nice in the house I had to go try one.

The days go by very quickly.
My little garden is growing. We had no sunshine for a few days so I did not water anything but today the sun did come out so I will see if anything needs watering.
Too much water will rot all the roots.Not all my pots have holes at the bottom. Yesterday I took a drill to them just to give excess water somewhere to go.

My Tanya got her nose into some dirt. She was looking for something and when I showed her nothing was there, she was disappointed. I am sure one of these days the dogs will help themselves to my pot garden. They sniff everything and right now the tomatoes are flowering and little bean heads are popping up. I think I have a few sunflower seeds too but now I forget which pot they are in.
It's like watching your babies grow every day.

This year my grape vines  already have about 200 leaves. Maybe I will pick some for my stuffed vine leaves. We always used to eat fresh leaves and parboil and freeze packages of 200 for later.
 Outside the yard is in bloom with black berry flowers. I should try and collect leaves to dry to make tea for winter. I never collect the berries but should. The jam from the berries is excellent.

They keep talking about Bruce Jenner and I think this country has gone crazy.
What about all the other people? The fat people, the tall people, the little people. People born with short arms. People born with other things like blindness cancer, big heads full of water.Are they all happy?
People with cystic fibrosis say they are happy. Retarded people say they are happy.
When there is talk about aborting them, they say no, we want to be born.
Ask Stephen Hawking if he is happy and he will say yes. He has respect, a career, money and women who love him.
And here we have healthy people, un happy with being healthy and this is all we talk about.
Why are they not happy?

If we go into comedy, they makes jokes about every body and here laws are being passed that
you wont be able to say if you were born a man or a woman or which toilet you go to.
Heck at my age I don't care which toilet I go into. Peeing in my pants is more important than the sign on the toilet door. Arrest me.

Everything you laugh at, offends someone. That's why it's funny.
 Pretty soon Charlie Hebdo will be scrutinized as anti gay or anti trans gender by jokes they crack as being pro gay and pro trans gender.
Oh ya. It can get complicated.
 Boy,  the Arabs would get a good laugh from it all. lol

Many comedians just poke fun at their own man hoods .
I can't wait for them to pass laws against that too. lol

I can just picture a policeman asking someone... Well, what did this person look like?
And you would not be able to say since everything you say would be against the law.
All you can say is: "Oh this person was sad, so this is why he/she does what he/she does.
We need more anti sadness laws."

Suppose you say: Oh he was 6.5,  black, cross eyed, bull legged, buck toothed,spoke slang, wore a bull horn around his pee pee, feather in the hole in his head, and wore a mini skirt....... you could be put in jail for this description.
Can you imagine how many pressure groups would be after you? lol What's wrong with being 6.5 black buck toothed bull legged speaking slang and wearing a mini skirt with a bull horn around around your pee pee? That's like having 8 lawsuits going against you for this description.

Then based on this, how can a police man arrest the suspect?
The lawyers would say oh this was entrapment and discrimination. The police was looking for suspects matching that description and we know there is nothing wrong with people matching that description.

 Good bye freedom and good eyesight. Hello crime. People will see no evil, hear no evil and God forbid, speak no evil, against evil. It would hurt a criminals' feelings and that's against the law.
Lots of trouble seeing and talking about so many things against the law, like what a person looked like and how he behaved.

How dare you call me a criminal for entering your home, beating you and stealing your money and
furniture? You invited me in and gave it to me. Is it my fault you like kinky sex too?
Try to please someone.....

Then they will say you looked at someone and now have an opinion you should not have.
Today, trying to prove your innocence, practically does not exist.
You buy ply wood for your roof, the neighbor comes at night and steals it and puts it on his roof, and the law is with your neighbor.
There is no way in hell you can prove you did not give it to him or sell it to him.
The neighbors are not even scared to tell you that they don't need to ask you if they can take the tires off your car. They were just trying to be respectful and

This is the new definition of politeness and respect today. This is thee new laws we have to live under.

With so many hard cruel issues in this world to tackle, leave it to North America to continue to sit absorbed in sex. It's just sad.

 In Africa, they just breed tons of kids to starve and kill so they can breed more.They don't have to talk about their man hoods all day cause actions speak louder than words.

No one can talk about clothing and makeup or even magazines and reality shows. They dont exist. All we see there, are tears and hands  asking for rice. You send them money for food and it never gets there.
But in America, we just seem to be absorbed with one topic. Sex.
We push it everywhere. It's become an obsession.

What do psychiatrists says about obsessions????? Oh ya. They are the reason for all these changes in thinking. Every one has to feel good about themselves.

They say soldiers coming home from wars kill themselves. They are unhappy but no one makes
shows about them. Maybe if they could make the money Bruce Jenner is making, they would not have to commit suicide? What has being happy to do with it?

Was Elvis Presley happy? Was Michael Jackson Happy?
Is Justin Bieber happy? We know Robin Williams, Freddie Prinze,Charles Rocket, Heath Ledger?....
What about all these WW2 survivors? Were they happy? No but they understood struggle and looked for a better life with food on the table and a roof over their heads. They had more to think about than their pee pees.

Ya, my pee pee could show you a thing or two. Oh Ya. 12 inches under my skirt  here baby.  lol or oh ya, 4 inches here of pure joy baybay. or oh honey girl you are getting me hot lets enjoy each other. My names' Lilly.
 Oh you don't want to have sex with me? Why not? What's wrong with me? It makes me very unhappy you dont want to have sex with me. You don't want to make me unhappy do you?
You are racist.
Police.. arrest this woman.

Everything is just going too far.
Laws don't make people happy.
Society can't make people happy.
 Sex can't make people happy.
Most things people do today, won't make them happy.
 I heard one man say Nothing like a good hard days' work. You come home feeling you achieved something and this makes you happy. Puts a lot into perspective.

I love flowers. Don't you?
Well have a nice day.:)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Royal Splendor.

This is a very nice shot of my flower and
also good for a postcard.
It invites you into another world.
It tantalizes you to try something different and to
explore your horizons.
The days begin wet and damp but later on the sun comes out.
I hope today will be no different.
Vanity Fair and  Bruce Jenner is a sad story.

Will he be happier as a woman? It remains to be seen.
Most people would want to keep it private.
In his situation, he is rich enough to direct his own movies
and cross dress to his hearts' content without anyone knowing
He would not have had to upstage his wife and kids.
How can they compete now?

Looking into a mirror, what will his thoughts and memories be like?
Everything was built upon him being a man.

It is easier to make money making every one else do the work for him.
Think of how many shows will be inviting him to ask him how he feels now
and to have him say: Gee what have I done? Or maybe I love it in his mans' voice.
The questions of truth, will always remain .

People say coming out is better but how does it make one happy to do this?
Happiness comes from the inside , not the outside and Jenner still has a lot of issues
to sift through.
He doesn't have to spend a dime however and just keep raking it all in.
At 65? I'd say he can retire well , being truthfully,  what ever and whoever he wants to be.
The public will believe anything.

There are so many normal people trying to live normal lives, struggling,
to keep the good faith and the good fight and they lose because society continues to
destroy all the good stuff.
 Yet society wants the good stuff. Otherwise why does the news want to keep
astonishing the public?

One day when it will be abnormal to be normal, the news will change and head back
into the right direction but at what cost, psychologically, physically, socially?
How much will it cost the children of the future?

When looking at a dismal picture of the future, maybe nothing.
Maybe it doesn't matter anymore.
 When hope is lost, what is there left to fight for
or to believe in for that matter?
Maybe once the news gets the drift that it has to scrape its' fingers not just to print news
but to survive as a human, they will realize the hell  they created, to make them the criminals
people will want to stamp out, just to get some peace.

So sad that freedom , like everything else, is so abused.
We should be smarter than this, by this time.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Blue Lilacs

This would make a nice post card.
The trick is to have brushes that do what they are supposed to.
I hate it when the brushes leave a bristle on the painting
which you then have to smudge off.
I am trying to organize myself outside so I don't have to be uncomfortable
when I paint.
A little sunshine does wonders for the soul.
Patience is a virtue and this is why artists have to have a quiet disposition.
Otherwise, when you rush, you lose the effect you are trying to obtain.
Would be nice to perfect lilacs and mix them in with other flowers but they
 do look nice all by themselves.
Painting around the edges really makes it look nice.

Went out to eat today. The girls were waiting at the door and ran out to greet me.
That deserved a treat so I got out the left over chicken and went to sit outside where I
 indulged their fancies with pieces of chicken. Even Beau wanted some.
It is gorgeous outside and the parks are full of kids and soccer and basketball.

Circus Magic

Well I won't be playing with this picture anymore.
 It is what it is. lol
It's an oops kind of picture, kinda like the
Brittney Spears accident.
I guess it's a throw off of Marc Chagalls, Bellas' Wedding.
It's also under 1917 The Promenade .
This artist loved the color blue.

Weather is beautiful. My plants seem to be reinvigorated after
being transplanted. Now with a little bit of Gods' blessing,
I hope they continue to grow.

Duke developed a fungus on his nose. I think he scraped
it somewhere. So now with drops he seems to be doing better.

Bella continues to be pesty She runs at my sons' beck and call to
sleep with him and then slinks back into her box in the morning
and waits for me to wake up.

I look back at pictures of my beautiful chinchilla and my heart breaks
when I see his happy disposition. I am very angry at that rat that managed
 to slip into my garage.

Hope every one has a happy day.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Spring Fever.

Today was an interesting day.
Got three tomato plants with flowers and one cucumber
I have so many seeds popping up. If they are all tomatoes
I will need a lot of pots. lol
I can't put them into the yard cause I have
about 20 bunnies running around.

Will be interesting to see what happens this summer.

Painted a small painting today of lilacs.
 Hope I can put it up one of these days.
So long since I did anything, I am kinda rusty.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Worshipping Life

My son came home late and was not in the mood for
So more is left for his Father and I.
Bella sleeps with my son and she did not like cabbage rolls either
but my Tanya lapped up two bowls and burped. lol

It is so difficult to get things organized for a new project
So much easier to pick up a crochet hook and a ball of thread
 than to get things ready to paint.

It leaves so much mess and clean up to do unless you have a
special place to work in like a work shop.
I am always complaining aren't I? lol

I guess I am kinda feeling anxious, about fixing old things I started.
Easier to paint on fresh canvas. So I sit and analyze and think
how am I going to do this?

I set up one piece on the fixed stand and my husband looked at it and said:
"You know, it looks good just the way it is."
but to me it is not an exciting painting and paintings should be exciting.
That's why many people like a baby's finger painting.
The little geniuses that they are, create fabulous things without even trying.

This painting won't be fabulous but it will set a scene where a person
 might want to live and breath. It's a good life.

A few years ago, I went to my sons' high school and they put up all the
paintings kids made on the school walls and I must say I was very impressed.
So much talent out there.
If more schools did this, they could raise the money they need
for every school across the country by setting up art fests.
People could be invited for coffee and doughnuts and to look at/buy art.
They are also good to give away at Bingo fund raisers too.
This is also a good way to get your name out there as an artist.

When my Mom was at the hospital, the geriatrics ward was soo gloomy.
I am sure even the nurses and doctors working there would appreciate nice paintings
on the walls to brighten peoples' souls.
I always said I would do something one day to pay back all the kindness they
showed my Mom when we were there.

Life is full of things to do. Like our Prime Minister said, there is no reason to commit crime
in a country such as ours.
I love our Prime Minister. He always makes a lot of sense.
Criminals have a lot of time on their hands and they can put it to good use.
The Bird man movie with Burt Lancaster is one such example.
I landed on a poetry blog once, that had poetry written by criminals and another one
with poetry written by soldiers. So rare to find so much feeling and soul like in poems
written by people whose souls suffer. Maybe this is why Russia has so many excellent poets
and novelists. But then Vienna came out with beautiful music.
Well enough said.
Have a good one.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Home Holden

My cabbage rolls came out very good.
I am finally getting my paints out.
Found my stand leg broke so I had to tape it up
and wrap it up in thread. Now I have to put glue on
 the thread so it does not unravel like the tape does
when it dries.
Will try to work on my old paintings first and then
move on.


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Strangers When We Meet

Another T.S Eliot Quote.

 “We die to each other daily.
What we know of other people is only our memory of the
 moments during which we knew them.
And they have changed since then.
To pretend that they and we are the same is a useful and
convenient social convention which must sometimes be broken.
We must also remember that at every meeting we are
meeting a stranger.” ― T.S. Eliot, The Cocktail Party

This is truly an amazing poet and literary perfectionist.
I just love him.