Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ressurection of the Bread of Life

The Infinite Resurrection of Perfection, such is the reality, of endless life.

Christ has risen
Christ has risen
Christ has risen

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Story of Jesus

I never get tired of watching this movie on you tube.
The life of a child, who grew into a man, who was crucified
for nothing but words and who left such an imprint
and continues to fight the wickedness in man.

Fraud corruption lies unwholesome behavior drugs adultery...
the list goes on and thus, the wicked fight to kill goodness,
kindness, gentleness, accountability, love,
in the name of freedom .

"For if they do this when it is green, what will they do when it is dry?"

They who do not see or understand the meaning of the word "freedom",
find themselves enslaved by the very vices they say they are entitled to
under human rights and freedom. Freedom does not mean anarchy.
Only those who earn it, who understand the laws of life and are accountable to it,
deserve it and live free.

Well, the story is told and continues to be told, in the hopes that one day, man will
understand and see what the message was all about in the name of love and freedom


Friday, April 18, 2014

A Sacred Son

Wishing Every one a holy blessed Good Friday.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Trigger Legend

Dale  Evans and Roy Rogers and of course Trigger was a matinee that gave people
meaning . They were a wonderful role model to kids and adults alike.

Hope, Values that don't change, all that good can be, a strong attractive force.

Have a great day .

Happy Trails

Wishing every one a happy trail for spring and summer.

I remember loving this couple and song as a kid.
They made life seem so wonderful knowing there was a happy trail to look forward to.

Life is a journey and so, may we find the wisdom, to make the right choices in life,
to make it so.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cosmic Law

This is a very interesting video about aliens which seem to have always been
with us and who guide us.
They seem to live 800 years in an uncontaminated body.
They seem to have interfered with Chernobyl to help so it didn't do more damage
than it could have.
Worth watching if only somethng to think about.

Have a good one xoxoxoxox

Monday, April 7, 2014

Nicholas and Alexandra

The Last of the Czars is a u tube video that shows a couple very much in love.
It is nice to see in England with William and Kate and the Queen and Prince Philip.
I can't speak for other countries as I don't know much about those couples but it
seems Princess Grace loved her husband King.

It is hard to keep control and leadership in a  society, if the laws are loose but then to keep them loose, one needs an educated thinking public and if every one sits drunk or high or is too ill or controlled by too much fanaticism, or has corrupt reasons to govern, things always head into a deep abyss. So laws have to be used in such a way as to
guide people in the right direction.
Society should understand that there is no free man, unless each man is free of his devil/vices.
How do people expect to be free, if they  keep themselves in chains?
They can't speak of  "freedom" if they can't self govern.

The Quebec election tonight showed a province of people who are very tired of politics and empty talk. They live in a nice country, Canada, envied by the world and so the only thing needed here, are good people to run things smoothly so people have jobs, a place to live,education and health.

Had the Czar made sure his people had these things and not kept as serfs/slaves, he would have been loved and the Romanoffs would have continued to reign.
 But as it turned out, he trusted in the wrong people and they lost him his life and legacy.

Last night my Bella had a tummy ache and she was very uncomfortable. I gave her yogurt and she farted a few times and then finally fell asleep.
Today it is hot in the house and she ate but did not drink much water and this concerns me even though she is playful and assertive again.
She has been so loved here that to think she could be lost, is just unthinkable.
 She had her shots 9 days ago and they say it takes 6-9 days before distemper shows itself.
I just hope her body was able to handle the shots she received. 
She needs another shot next month.

Mean while my sons friends' Bear, was taken to the doggy park and he gets very dirty there.
This results in his fur becoming very matted and badly in need of clipping.
He is a handsome dog to look at if his fur is groomed properly .Instead it all has to come off.

I like the idea of doggy parks but if they are not kept clean, then dogs can pick up tons of things
from the grounds. I told my son I don't want Bella there.
I took my golden to swim in the ocean and he got an ear infection we could never really ever get rid of and my husband hooked his finger fishing and also got a skin disease on his hand nothing helps to cure. The skin gets very dry and cracks.

How sad when you are surrounded by beauty but it is all polluted and can't be enjoyed.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Russian Revolution As Never Seen Before

As the Czar was not a bad man, it is the bad men who find interest to get their way by using good men.
What this video teaches is that one must take care of ones own people first.
Food jobs water shelter .
Lenin was also an idealistic man but idealism is not to be had when dealing with
unidealistic people. People who want what they want and have different interests.

The Cheka was a very feared organization. One can be found in every would be revolution.

Why do men fight? Why does history not teach the very basics of why men fight?

Before religion was blamed but how many men bled under bad governments.
Did they die as patriot heroes or as men who feared to say no?
History tells one story but one can understand why people do not want to give up their guns.
Once the guns are given up, there is no saying no to a dictatorial government.

Why do men fight?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

.Bella Bella Martadella

Bella Bella Martadella as my husband lovingly calls her.
I finally managed to get a decent picture of her. lol

She wont let me trim her nose so you can see her eyes better.
She is my bratty little girl who loves to play bark growl and bite.
Lucky she is small and doesn't do much in terms of damage.
Pups will always be pups. lol
Whatever I eat or drink Bella has to have a smell or a taste
She is very observant and vocal.
I think you can teach this dog to talk.
You can't help but love her and Tanya is beginning to finally give in.
She rolls on her back so Bella smells her but then Bella lies down when
Tanya is looking at her so
they speak their own dog language.
When they go for walks Bella prances enjoying this new world she is discovering.
She loves the outdoors and tries to get a good whiff of it.

In the car she enjoys watching the goings and comings but there is no place like home.
You know shes had a full day when she conks out at night into a deep sleep.
Babies are all so precious and bring so much joy.

Have a good one.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saving a Marriage

This You tube video is very nice to watch in times of woe
when we see families suffering from so much of lifes' pressure, surrounded by violence
bad language, corruption, unemployment, homelessness etc...

We forget how nice things could or should be as the ugly tries to desensitize people
to accept the bad and mistake it for freedom, instead of seeing it for what it is..

The more the ugly, attacks the good, the more we can see that the ugly fears
 to lose its' power over the innocent, other wise why would it bare its' teeth?
The ugly knows that deep in their souls, all people want love and
someone to care for them and this is farthest from the uglies' mind.

Today Bella visited the vet for her 1st shots.
She was a trooper but now is tired and sleepy.

Tanya is slowly allowing her to do more things around her and she is also learning to keep her distance and respect elders. lol Old dogs are already set in their ways and the pups learn from
It's a long haul but I hope soon they will be very good friends.

Today I over slept and even if I took Bella out at 6 am she slept with me till 10 am and then said that's enough lady. She jumped on me and began with the growls barks and kisses to say get up you lazy
so and so and I couldn't help but laugh. I told her Poor Bella. You need a youngster to play with and not old fogies like my husband and I. On the other hand she lucked out cause we love her to no end and are at her beck and call.

The days are going by very quickly. I need to buy some soil to put by the tree out front because there seems to be erosion or something taking place there. It needs more soil especially for the flowers.

We have lots of rain these days and the temperature can't decide from moment to moment if it wants to be warm or cold.
Great weather to catch colds.

Have a good one

Friday, March 28, 2014

Daily Life of Faith and Hope

Another Perfect Stranger
This is a very good you tube movie I think every young person should watch.
It explains a lot of things confusing to so many people.

My puppy is growing and she is so loveable.
My husband who always has a stand offish approach to animals, can't get enough of her.
He keeps coming back to have another look. She has something about her that is quite
unexplainable. You just want to hug and kiss her all day.

Yesterday I went shopping and left he behind.
My husband said she was crying blue murder and even got Tanya concerned who went to her and kissed her. Later when Bella came towards her, she again went on the go away mode.

Lately the animals are beginning to get along better.
I still have concern over Tanya because she is so possessive,but Bella is already her length . Of course she is much lighter since she is still a baby.
I think Bella will be larger than Tanya especially since she has such a good appetite.

Hope you all have a good one.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Pups and Spring.

This was an interesting movie on you tube.
Quite informative.
Just think if we look back at History, Poland belongs to the Mongols lol

The day is beautiful today Spring is in the air.
Puppy is growing. She is such a loving little girl.
Days are flying by. Put out my outside potted plants since the danger of frost is over.
Tanya is slowly accepting Bella but still looks to steal everything from her.

Tanya puts her ball on the living room table then barks so someone gets it for her.
Then when she sees no one is going to fall for her attempts for attention she jumps up and gets it herself. lol
She plays these YOU GO FETCH it game all the time. Dogs know how to train people lol

Lately I have been smelling skunk. Last night I took the dog out and saw 4 guys smoking it up by the house at 10.PM When they saw me they walked up the street to a parked car and smoked up there.
The smell carried down. It wasnt exactly marijuana but  maybe some laced with other things.
Smelled awful and comes into the house
I really don't know why they do this sort of thing.
Every time I see this sort of thing I think of how high the prices of healthcare will be in a few more years trying to save these people who dont care enough about themselves, to know not to do this.
It's like saving a man with throat cancer, who goers out and continues to smoke through the hole in his throat.
What's the point of it all.
Well no point to lecture.
No one cares to listen lol


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Colorado Home of the Free and the Brave

Centennial is a you tube James Michener's movie that consists of 12 episodes, I really enjoyed watching them.
We are the guardians of our earth and our future .
I hope you take the time to see these episodes.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ingrid and China


Beautiful old movie with Ingrid Bergman in China.
The Inn of Sixth Happiness
They sure had beautiful stories back then.
To be able to face strife and love had to be kept private.
It  was so romantic  no matter how it ended.

I love the old Chinese towns and scenery.
China has the most mystical mountains.
Always makes you wonder what lives in them.
There are such peaceful areas in the world which one can
truly feast ones eyes on.
A body not only needs nourishment for the body but also for the soul.

Having a baby in the house sure reminds me of when I was a young Mother .
These were sleepless days and nights one had to spend caring for a young one.
No time to complain just to sit and play and smile and this is what I am doing again with this new
baby who won't let me out of her sight.
Sneaking away when she sleeps never works.
Of course Tanya has to have what the baby has.

I tried to hide all the balls because they are causing a revolution here over them.
But no matter where I hide them Tanya runs in and hones in on them right away.
I can't believe how she knows where they are. Then she stands there and barks
for ever to get them back.
The baby seems to have the same keen sense of smell.
These dogs would make terrific drug sniffing dogs or search and rescue.
Nothing gets by them.
So now I put the balls outside into the mail box.
I told the guys they can play ball outside.
But she went and found another one somewhere and seems very pleased with herself.
The little one is left with her round frog to play with and leather chewies. and her pull rope.
She loves to play tug of war.
Every morning she wakes you up with kisses to say ok pee time.
If you turn over and say later pup, its at your own risk.
This is how animals train people. lol


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ooh Eee Ooh Ah Ah


This is a great song I completely forgot about.
We used to have so much fun with it.
The tune never goes out of your head.
Puts a sprint into your walk too.

We are NOT New Brunswick today shoveling heaps of snow.
We have beautiful spring weather just asking for a garden to begin.

My son took Bella to the beach and weathered her out She slept like a baby all night.
Bear came to visit and he looks like a fluffy pom with a semi shitzu nose.
and he is still his boingy happy self. He sure has grown.

All the dogs fear his being so boistrous and even Bella backed down. lol

Beau likes Bella and comes to greet her but then shies away cause Tanya comes in and chases him away.
We have to begin teaching Tanya she is not the boss. lol

The dog food seems to have doubled in price but many brands the dogs do not like.
I got Nutrience because it had herring in it and the dogs have to be pretty hungry before they touch it.
They rather eat a real smelt than the pebbles.

My dogs like Pedigree and Beneful.
Yesterday I also gave in and got a plaque spray for my Tanya. She is already losing her teeth.
As dogs live longer , they get the same problems people do.

Seems the dry dog food is not much  help there as they said it would be.

So life goes on and we along with it
Have a great day.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Life Is Not An Island.


This is a very nice song sung by Harry Belafonte
The movie, Island in the Sun, is an oldie but equally very nice to watch.
They sure knew how to take the greatest shots back then in beautiful surroundings.

A lot of things were nice back then as things had to be made to last.
It was not easy to obtain things so recycling was not something they had to talk about 
 as opposed to todays' throw away society.

I love westerns too because they also give you a feeling of freedom , peace , a taste of the wild
and mysticism. Mother earth holds so much power in the palms of her hands and we are just
things caught up in the middle of them.

Watching wagons pulled by these hard working loyal horses for miles on end to
a post where they get replaced with a new set, had me asking the question, how
long were, say the Wells Fargo Wagons, supposed to be run before such a replacement
is made.
Well wiki said stage coach horses were expected to run 12 - 15 miles or changed at every two hour
intervals , at most 3 hrs.
A stage coach traveled at an average speed of 5 mi/hr.

One could easily see how difficult it was for every one involved to travel long distances
unprotected, over bad roads and bad weather.

Hanging around a horse ranch today, I see how easy horses  beget leg/hoof problems.
People have to spend a lot of time making sure the hoofs are kept clean and dry .
In those days horses didn't have that luxury or maybe they did, every time they came to a new town
in the livery stable where they were fed, watered and checked for hoof damage, just like car maintenance today except with engines.

A little sure went a long way back then. Today we are promised a lot, to get so little.
In Quebec right now Premier Marois said something to the effect : Come visit us after we separate.

Bill 101 is a most ungracious bill.
French people could enter into your home as if it was their own and tell you to go visit Toronto.
Complaining of invasion of privacy to the police was no use because you could not know who was pro separation and who was not. When working, you could not serve customers in English or risk having all the work you did lied about surrounded by political wolves.Creating trouble could cause you more trouble so
continuous harassment forced the English to quietly leave in what was fast becoming a fascist state under the Parti Quebecois. Words such as Freedom and the Bill of Rights existed only on paper back then.
New immigrants came to Quebec and many leave probably because a small group continue to spew hate amongst the young people.
PM Trudeau lied to the English people saying he would clean it up but did nothing Now his son is running for the Federal Liberal Party and another PQ Government is in power in Quebec.
Justin Trudeau already let it slip he would separate Quebec so this could be interpreted as a silent quiet plot to destroy the country.
The lies continue by the Fed Liberal Party, except in a more financially distressed world.

Canada is a great country to live in from coast to coast.
Quebec was a pearl until the PQ came into existence and suffers to this day.
Separation would not change anything except to cause more poverty and heart ache and fachism to grow.
 Canada, since she will have lost the St Lawrence River would have no easy access to
provinces beyond Quebec on the East Coast.
Quebec will look to France for help and France would be only too willing, being broke herself
and in political trouble
In any event , poverty cannot help poverty and the French Franc would not suit the  financial system we have in place in the northern hemisphere.
On top of all this, any bad thing happening to New York would drift up wind into Quebec
and Quebecers would be crying and asking Canada for help and then the question would be
why would we help them when they are a people with no good will or heart.

It is high time Quebecers stopped listening to lies and made peace with a country that has been
tremendously good to them.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Doodles of Fun

I found this video to be fun
Imagine having no dishes to wash after the kids finish eating  candies
or  nuts or other dry things you may want to buy for a party
No garbage disposal is required either.

If you want to use it to drink liqueur, you may want to just triple dip a balloon
in between fridge cooling and you don't need to make them round, as you can use the long balloons
to give it a higher glass shape. The balloons come out mostly without fuss as the chocolate freezes hard.

So it doesn't melt in your warm hands, you can cut out rounds from a plastic bottle to put around it .
Takes a bit of work but the results are amazing and fun cause you can eat your chocolate
glass, coated in liqueur or you can just freeze it with your favorite ice cream.

On the home front
The clock had to be put an hour ahead so we tried out the battery test on the counter and yup it works.
The battery was full when we dropped it and stayed standing. A depleted battery would fall over.

Life is fun when you have time to doodle with it.

Have a great day!


Sunday, March 9, 2014

No Cowards Here.

Kenny Rogers sure makes good movies  and sings really good songs.

We havent heard much from him lately but that bratty smile sure looks nice on him.

I enjoyed this movie as well the the gambler .

On the home front puppy is coming along quite nicely She is our new treasure to love and
protect and boy does she know it.

When we got married my husband thought I was a nice quiet sweet girl till finally
I began to find my voice. Then he'd explain it by saying I was developing my personality lol
One day he said ok. you're personality has developed enough lol

Now I look at this pup and explain her playfulness as developing her personality.
My husband and I laugh over that statement. It means a lot to the both of us.

Today as Bell was pulling off my shoes, I told her the same thing. I think you have developed your personality enough. lol

I sure do love this little gal. Didn't take her long to touch us all.
Tanya, my first beloved, is also teaching her the art of the hunt and manipulation.
I never knew she was so cunning up until now.

No wonder even the big dogs don't mess with her.
They cut and run when she is around.

Coward of the county? Not by a long shot.

Well the buds are coming out this end on all the plants outside.
Spring is in the air.


Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Life of Orange.

While snow covers mountain fronts, tulips bloom
in valleys down below.
I got a few from hubby the other day
and they are opening up beautifully filling the room with color.
What a difference a few flowers can make in an otherwise dull room.

 Jennifer Bourne describes the meaning of orange as:
"joy and creativity. Orange promotes a sense of general wellness and emotional energy that should be shared, such as compassion, passion, and warmth. Orange will help a person recover from disappointments, a wounded heart, or a blow to one’s pride."
She has a lot more written up on the subject on her web page.

I guess we should all have orange in our lives.
The peels alone have such a gentle fragrance I could sit and smell them all day.
Hope you all have a wonderful day filled with orange.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Getting the Kids Excited.

Never too late to have fun. Below would even get the kids excited.
The expressions on these guy's faces says everything!
Two old boys having a great laugh... Just love this photo!

Two old guys talking:

  First Guy said :   "Was my 85th birthday yesterday and the wife gave me an SUV"

Other guy:  "Wow, that's amazing! Imagine, an SUV! 

                     What a great gift!"

First guy:                            

 "Yup.   Socks, Underwear and Viagra!"

Friday, February 28, 2014

Bella Mia

This is Bella .
She is a new addition to our family.
She is a Sichon just like my Tanya is except her
 parents had longer legs . I think they were more 
 Bichon than  Shitzu.

Black is difficult to take pictures of but rest assured, she is gorgeous
just like her Daddy, with no overbite.
If you look at her from the side her profile resembles a lions'.

She came from ol Prince George, the land of snow, ski doos, skiing
deer, moose, and mountain goats.

Tanya found this trip very exhausting. She just
about had it  feet away from our house before having a total melt down.
I never saw a dog break down like that crying and howling.
 I must get out of this car!!!! Get me outa here!!!
I hate snow!!! Take me home!!!
She was also not used to playing second fiddle to a pup.

I must admit we all felt the same way as snow and long slow winding  mountain driving, with cliffs on both sides, do not mix. I don't call this kind of road a highway. We do not realize we are so spoiled until we see what the pioneers had to go through. Even worse than that.

 Is it no wonder they shut the highways down after a snow fall. They told us it was lucky we left when we did cause they were snowed in and blocked off from the rest of the world for 3 days.
We also didn't dare stop except at night, thinking we better get out of here before it's too late.
So again, no time for pics.

Bella's drive was serene. She slept and ate and slept and played in the snow.
She loves  snow and looks so pretty with the white fluff in her fur.Typical baby.

Tanya was soo happy to walk into her own house with her own stuff and freedom.
 It is verbotin to touch any of her toys,especially her balls. lol
But it is ok to steal Bellas' and God help Bella if she objects.
Even Beau doesn't cross that line.

I can see by Bellas' behavior she will not be intimidated for very long as she grows
so Tanya will find her match. lol
To watch my three dogs behave is so funny.

Bella, when she walked into our home looked confused.
Hunh? Where's Mom? Where's Dad? Where are the kids?
Hey!  What is this?
 Time flies.
She was 9 weeks when we got her and she is now 11.
After a week of love and caressing and nurturing, she feels right at home.
In fact she gained her bearings and filled her tummy, so there is nothing left to do but play
and look for trouble.
 Her little sharp teeth find my fingers in spite of all the chewies she has

As soon as Tanya walked in, Beau who was not her very favorite, was her best friend.
They were so glad to see each other and kissed for the longest time.
Then there came the issue of Bella.
Bella and Beau are the same words for beautiful or handsome.

Beau examined her and thought oh no, not another one.
My son brought his girl friends little pup Bear here and he bothers Beau to no end.
Beau ignores him or leaves the room. Bella is less aggressive and more polite.
At least she is for now.
If she gets too close, he kicks her gently with his hind paw, to say go away.
Old dogs find young ones annoying lol

The other day Bella got into one of her play moods She jumped and growled and played
till I finally told her Bella No. But she wouldn't stop so I picked her up cuddled her and put my lips behind her ear and growled. She did not expect that and yelped like a pup who thought she was going to die.
I did not expect that reaction and began to laugh and asked her: Did I scare you Bella??
Poor Bella.
She licked me with that:
That was a close one, kinda look.

The other dogs heard her yelp and immediately ran into the room to see what was up.
Especially Beau who lets the women chat but when push comes to shove, has the last word. lol
He knew the young chick was in trouble.
After seeing it was nothing, he nonchalantly turned around and went back to the front door to lie down to get some cool outside draft.

People think dogs are animals with no soul but animals are individuals just like people, with feelings
and characters.
It will be interesting to see how they begin to get along or not get along, where Tanya is concerned.
There is bound to be a show down between these two if Tanya doesn't change her behavior.
It doesn't look like Bella will submit to her.
Right now everything is a toy to Bella. Even the hair brushes.
I don't know how she will let anyone brush her if she sees a brush as a play thing. lol

Today Tanya watched Bella play with her ball and did nothing but once SHE begins to play, then watch out. No more Mr Nice Guy. Hopefully Tanya will begin to understand that you can't fight youth. She will remember what she was like as a pup, all full of energy.

Well life goes on.
New Year, New Life .
It was a wonderful Valentines Day getting this new puppy.
 My son is enjoying her .
She loves playing with him and pups are for the young. lol
But for us old guys she is a joy to watch, just like a new born babe.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


This is so interesting . I would never think to test a bttery this way.
I have to try it.
It is especially good when buying new batteries which may or may not be
truly energized.
Beautiful white sunny day today. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

End of Sochi 2014

We watched the end of Sochi. It was a wonderful
Putin looked sombre as Sochi was marked by so many bad
 political events like the uprising in Ukraine and
reporters causing trouble by showing the Pussy Punk group
being harassed and beaten by police.

Why is it that people always try to destroy something nice,
 especially reporters.
It's like words like  manners and politeness, don't exist
any more than they understand morals ethics and values.
If rebels have issues with political views, they should fight
them on the political front.
Ukraine has always been known as Russias' bread basket.
Russia needs their farmers.
It will be hard for Ukraine to get
away from Russia and why does it want to?

Ukraine was divided into north and south.
North was considered Russified and
 the south was more on the Polish front.
If Ukraine separates, the people can again decide
to separate from Ukraine and go to Poland.
It's just trouble and all for nothing.

You know, going to school we had Ukrainian students and if you asked
 them about the situation out there, they would shake with hatred against Russia.
I always wondered why parents put so much hate into
 their children, when they should be teaching love for the
country they live in, that feeds them, clothes them, educates them,....

Punks trying to steal free publicity and  attention should not be given it
at an event where all the attention should be payed to the athletes
who worked hard to get there and more deserving. This is there show.
Maybe athletes should get into the punk scene when they are performing
so no one watches their performance

The same with the gay issue. America doesn't accept words like
"respect" and "freedom" and allows for everything while denying things
 people are comfortable with that is seen as good.
 Does this mean what America thinks is right
 for America, is right for other countries where the people support other values?

When I sit and watch the Ellen commercial for Covergirl it always makes me laugh.
Does the woman not know what she is? She is a man. She absolutely refuses to
 wear womens' clothing.
She should be doing mens' under wear commercials, not womans' make up.
It's just like a man doing bra commercials.
I wonder if Kramer would do some for Warners. lol
America is known for "crazy" but other countries don't like it and should be
shown some respect.

I love America but sometimes I think she goes too far.
I am so glad the Guy doing the speech on the Olympics was gracious and kind
to Russia and so was the public sitting in the bleachers.

Apart from that, my tree outside is beautiful. We had powder snow falling
for two days now. I think we brought it from up north. lol


 Rick Watson has left a new comment on your post "End of Sochi 2014":

I live in Alabama and it is ground zero for crazy. I would like to think the world takes our good points and dismisses the crazy stuff.

Thanks Rick

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Beaver Beats the Eagle At Sochi

The Beaver Beat the Eagle today at the Sochi Olympics.

Go Canada Go!!!!

Pretty cold outside here in BC. We drove through the mountains
and got stuck there after the snow began to fall.
All the roads were shut down and when they were open
the drive through was treacherous and beautiful.
Truly God's Country, for the strong and free.

It took us a long time to get through them doing 90 degree
turns on a highway with just 2 lanes.

We did see mountain goats, a moose, and a deer.
It's truck country up in them hills.
One hit a moose at our hotel and it dented the left hand front
end pretty good. Had it been a small car, the people would have died.
The moose would have gone through the front window.
It is cow and horse country . Rodeos and the old west
is still in full swing and there for many to enjoy.
Along the road sides are little stores with Indian names
selling mineral stones and even gold.
I thought I'd have a chance to taste some venison but no one sold it
unless you went to some farm and bought a lot of it to bring home.

Went by some pretty awesome mountain water in Lillouette
It was under BC Hydro Management.
 They keep the best for themselves lol
Soo blue and clean and gated ! Very private.
You don't see water like this anymore.
 The local people are so friendly and
especially the hotels are pet friendly.
It's so nice to see.
The heaters in the rooms were all in perfect working
condition and they kept the rooms HOT!

I have to say I had a great time in spite of the driving stress
the road conditions provided. I finally got a doze of
Quebec weather. Fresh cool air, perfect white snow along
with a nice hot shot of brandy.
That's the life!

Well let's see how our Canucks manage out in Sochi.
So far so good.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Old IS New , New IS Old.

I began this painting (as I have many ) in the year
I know cause I made sure to write the date on the painting.

Then it just stood there waiting for the finishing touches.
Finally I got tired of all the knitting and decided to pull
out the paints again.
Once that is done I can say it is ready to hang on the wall.
It is a big painting on a ply wood board. 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 feet.
Once you begin to wait for the paint to dry to continue, it
gets forgotten, cause you begin other paintings. They reach the same
point where they need to dry to continue and then they get forgotten,
 as you always get side tracked.
Behind it is another one the same size, I will have to finish.
I love painting winter scenes as they give me such a sense of freedom.
Living in BC always leaves you with that strange feeling
of mysticism. So much inner luxury in beauty enjoyed by so few
because to enjoy it could be deadly.
Banks Island alone is like 70k miles and full of animals including grizzlies
and musk ox. Once you head up north, running out of gas or getting lost is NOT
an option. Leaves you dizzy just thinking about it.

Being pulled like this by deer, looks like so much fun and I wish I was young
to be able to try. That's my knid of skiing. lol

As it is, I am still waiting for that moonlight ride
in fresh powder snow, pulled by a Troika. lol
Dr. Zhivago is still deeply embedded in my mind.
What a story that was.

Now the actors are old and the roles they play today do not suit them.
But I guess you take what they give you. It's a job.

The new Nikita hardly compares to the old one.
She just doesn't cut the story line.

Well, since it is still not finished, I decided not to wait and put it up on line.
It doesnt have much left to do Just deer touch ups and a few things done to the scarf and mittens.

It is big so one has to put it up to do the bottom and then wait till it dries to do the top
or risk the animals rubbing against the wet paint and leaving hairs. lol
In this case it wouldnt be a bad thing cause it fits the ambiance of the thing. lol

On the home front I got my hearts and stuck them on my wreaths on the front door
So I am ready for Valentines.
My oldest is a Valentines baby. He sure is a big baby now. lol

They also had the St Patties things out so I made sure to get a few hats and beer glasses
and the clovers ,which will go on the wreaths so they stay up till March 17th at least.
The wreaths are getting dry and the needles  fall when you touch them, but I am determined to keep them up since I took the trouble of making them.

Well have yourselves a wonderful day!


Monday, February 10, 2014

Tara Taree

Rain rain..finally we get some Was starting to miss it.

Made pizza pops and pizza and other stuffed things great for snacking on

This morning tried out making more yeast dough since the yeast seems to be
good for a change
Usually they make you spend a ton of money and you bring home dead yeast.
This time it worked and for once it was fun cooking and chopping.

Hubby got his liver fried with onions and garlic.
 I made really chippy fries and falafel as I sat asking myself....
self?....what is there more that I can do?
I got a new potato peeler and I love how it works
especially on carrots.
 All I have to do is keep peeling till the carrot disappears into a great salad.

Any way there will be stuff to freeze for snacking for the big boys.
You know what to do with left over stew??
Stuff it into dough and the kids love it.

Being busy helps a lot to not get bored. It's like multi tasking
Watching the Olympics,chopping, painting, and knitting
all in between stuff, while dough is rising.

 I just love yeast dough when it works.
The stove keeps the house warm from the drafts.

When we were young my husband would come home and make himself a batch of dough
and he sat waiting for bread to come out of the oven while studying.
In those days we always had good yeast though. It bubbled like crazy.
I guess he found making bread was a good reason to stay awake at night.

Today we are like Maxine
 We stay up all night and then get mad at the alarm clock in the morning
but like she says we can't break it cause it's in the phone. lol

Hope you are all having a nice New Year so far.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Frosty Outside

Have been busy cooking and painting and knitting.
Hope to put something new on the blog soon.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

SMAC Mimetics

Ottawa researchers find

I sent the link and they removed it so I sent another one to look up to read.
Anyway if they take it off again just look up SMAC MIMETIC.

Ottawa researchers say they’ve found a combination of experimental therapies that kills cancer cells without harming healthy tissue.
The researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) combined a therapy that targets cancer-causing genes, called SMAC Mimetics, with a live virus or non-viral immune stimulators to create a new tumour-killing therapy.
“I firmly believe that it’s not a matter of ‘if’ this will help cancer patients — but ‘when’ this therapy becomes a standard of care,” researcher Robert Korneluk said in a press release. “The results of our combination exceeded expectations — and furthermore, no harm was done to the surrounding healthy tissue when we eradicated tumours.”
In some cases, tumours required 10,000-times less virus to kill a cancer cell when a SMAC mimetic was added, the study found.
Korneluk said the next step will be using the therapy in clinical trials as soon as possible.
The research was published Monday in the journal Nature Biotechnology.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

More Thinking

I am trying out new pattern designs and so far this is what I got.
I am using 275 stitches in a round.
I think it would make someone a nice skirt once it is done and very
But it won't be a skirt. After the reindeer, will come a maple leaf design and then it should be long enough to try doing a yoke and a neck line. Then some plain white sleeves.

It is taking its' sweet time so I will not be worried about it. Just taking my time.
In the mean time I made a nice stew adding chopped up steak and a few Italian sausages in Bearnaise sauce. I added shredded cabbage carrots onion garlic and broccoli and then the TV said Cabbage and broccoli is imported from India. India ....where they say has food shortage .
Does it make sense?
And then where is our broccoli and cabbage?

Then we complain about the price of food and environment pollution.
I personally want to eat food from my own country and would appreciate stores buying from our own farmers.Shopping local farmers markets is a pain in the ass but I think it is worth the trip and the main stores like Safeway Save On Super store and Walmart will lose out. Safeway and Save on have a union. It should say something about this to ensure business is not lost from customers having to shop elsewhere for local food.
Now that I am paying attention to where food comes from it begins to upset me to see so much economic dysfunction by people who were trained in the financial field and should know how to cut costs. We elect a government who should know how to do this.
The newspapers are not much better They simply attribute this to company costs but it would be cheaper if they took out packaging which goes into the dump  and if the food was grown locally and processed locally so it doesn't have to be shipped.

I remember New Brunswick once dumping their potatoes into the ocean rather than giving them to those in need like to the homeless and other charities or maybe cows goats and pigs, which could have done better with it.
 They said we couldn't sell them so we dumped them. Such waste.
Then when they have a drought or a flood or something else and lose money the government has to bail them out but they help no one.

People don't see the need to speak out but this is why we have reporters to ask these questions.
This is why they are in the news business to dig this sort of stuff up but instead all we hear on the news is about drugs and shootings over a table eating poison food from somewhere else taking for granted our government and FDA is protecting us. Are they?
People dont want hormones and vaccines in their meat and eggs and vegetables so the best places to ensure this does not happen is to grow it locally so it is within easy access to the local people and food management can be controlled locally where it is supposed to be by the people who buy and eat it.

It makes a lot more sense and worked before all these big businesses walked in and took over.

I guess I should not say these things as someone from a big business will get mad and no one wants to upset them but should they not be thinking about this as well if they really care about what they do? It is their own families who ingest this food or do the owners grow it locally on their own properties lol.

Never a dull moment in this world.
I am trying to stay away from the TV these days as it is nothing but death and war but the news slips in between and then all the work you do trying to stay away from endless political arguments, floods the room again via TV.

I had a cousin who accused me of being spoiled rotten She said I dont work and dont know how hard it is out in the world to survive.She is living the single free life.
I told her she doesnt know how hard it is to stay home either, give birth, sit worrying about kids and husbands because this is not a 9-5 job.
She comes home and her meal is prepared she eats and goes to bed or watches tv or plays with her flowers and cats.

At home you have the kids the pets, the old people, the house and volunteer work which takes up 18 hours a day with no pay.
Then you have jobs which have no security so you dont know where the next paycheck is coming from or when the check will clear. Bills don't care about your problems and families still have to be fed and clothed.
Saving for a rainy day just doesnt work for most people today because every day is rainy lol

Things sure have changed. People make so may laws that it is impossible to live anymore, so many
decide they will bow out and make life simpler and just collect government benefits and from charities. They end up with a better life style than most folk who dont want to do this and keep up the so called "good fight".
But these people are losing every day. I don't know how our kids will be able to do it once everything is stolen from them by uncouth politicans and business people. Just to stay alive is becoming
difficult and this is where the big pharmaceutical companies come in and gobble up.
No one is looking for actual cures to what ails us.Just what they call maintenance.
They rather chop the leg than grow a cartilage.
 If they can grow an ear, they can grow an ear drum.
They can grow a liver or pancreas to keep you alive to 70 at least. They can grow blood cells and strong blood cells can kill cancer, over whelm it, so it shrivels and dies.Blood cells are soldiers just like cancer cells.
We all have cancer.

It takes someone with morals ethics and values to even care but the world hates these words and then wonder why their ships are sinking?

We used to have this farming family who owned lots of land around here.Well the Father died and the family  took over and sold out to contractors. All the land for cows sheep and food has houses on them.
It has become what could be described as a future slum.
One has to think why such a powerful family, who could have done so much good, sold out.
So in the end it is not about doing good.

It becomes scary when doing good takes second place to money, when money is not worth the paper it is printed on. When you sell something to get nothing, this is not good business because everything else we do from that point on is worth nothing because you sold out to get nothing and so have nothing to work with.

It can become very complicated and gives you a massive head ache thinking about it.
Easier to knit paint carpenter engineer etc... than to sit thinking about thinkers who are not thinking about doing good.
In the end it is the little things that you do that counts.

See how the drug people are winning? They grow on crown land, pay no taxes,and feed chemicals to the trusting, to create addicts and more business and therefore more demands for government to legalize drugs. Then it is easy to over power government because they become the good guys supplying a demand and thus enslaving a society.

And so many do not see this so we have a runaway train happening right now.
The good timers, are so hell bent about doing it their way and not according to the survival plan given to us for free
in the 10 Commandments , that develop hated words such as morals ethics and values.
These words are not fun.People have to grow up and under drug influence, this never happens.

I guess there always has to be a genesis and then there has to be a crucial end to again build from innocence and purity and good ness until hopefully, one day, we get it right.

Have a good one

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Nice Weather Girls and Purse

This is a Nice Purse commercial but it makes you think a little.




Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Warm Kitchens

During all this time I finished a vest It is quite large . I still havent found a pattern where they make things fit NORMAL people. They are either for tiny size 9 people or babies or over sized.
It is quite disappointing to do a size large or even XL and then find out all this work is for a size large( size 10 )person. To me this is not a large. Men especially need much bigger bulkier sizes.
The men wearing them in the picture they give you, are not size 10. lol

Today was another cooking day.
Went back to crock potting making delicious soups and stews.
Just replenished another pot with steaklets corn tomatoes potatoes carrots and some other stuff.

It is delicious with a spoon of yogurt. I could eat a whole pot by myself so I resist by cooking and leaving the kitchen and letting people help themselves. lol

Then I did the Lahmajoon or Armenian Pizza.
Its mince meat with finely chopped green peppers garlic onion parsley tomatoes plus 1 can of tom. paste, cumin coriander salt black pepper cayenne, basil , olive oil and lemon juice.
It is supposed to look like liver worst once everything is chopped up but since I do it by hand it never is lol
I guess you can put it through a blender or chopper on fine chop.

You spread this on pita bread which you tear in halves. I get about  60 pieces of pizza this way.
I put them between layers of parchment paper and into zip lock bags to freeze. I get about 3 big bags to freeze. They go very quickly as they are very addictive once you begin eating them.

They are quick to make in the oven or the microwave and you can even add a bit of parmesan or some other cheese to it. Today people put lots of other stuff on them like eggplants zuccini eggs...
before cooking them which are then rolled up to eat.

When I think about it, this is a very healthy, non fattening meal to eat and for the price, you can't feed
60 people in one day, cheaper and like I said , this is addictive food.
You can't just have one piece.
It lingers in your nostrils and mouth for a long time lol

So if you are allowed to have International food fests as a school fund raiser or in a church or at a cook out, you are sure to make some change on this pizza.
 It goes about as fast as tacos do.

Well since the boys are in the mood I have another batch of mince meat defrosting waiting to be fried with onions garlic and shredded carrots to stuff  into either yeast dough made for French bread or simple dough made out of baking powder. or even the dough sheets they sell already made to roll and  stuff in and then deep fry  in vegetable oil as egg rolls. They freeze well but usually dont last long as they are found almost immediately by the house fridge raiders.

My favorite stuffings are like the one above or with mince meat onion garlic and rice or with
shredded cabbage steamed with shredded carrots onions and garlic.
I have half a cabbage left over so I can use it to stuff some egg rolls.

The thing about this sort of cooking is that you can make a lot so you don't have to sit waiting for people to ask for snacks They just go and help themselves at their leisure.

While you are cooking, the kitchen smells fill the air with aroma my men notice right away as they walk in through the front door and head straight for the pots. lol

After the chill of the air outside, inside it is warm and inviting and not only for the guys but for my achy bones as well.

Have a great day

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Jugglin February


Picassa has made it so difficult to use that I need to take all my pics out of it and
save to desk top or some other place.

In the mean time I have been busy and now feel like doing what my garden child
is doing. I guess its time to pop a few Centrum to get the old body back and pumping.
It's either that or give in and take a nap lol

It is amazing what a few vitamins can do for you. Get your iron level up there again. lol

I left my knitting for a while Have two pieces to finish but don't seem to have the inclination.

I got myself a whistling kettle. Something I've been eying for a few years, some plastic
containers for food storage and a pair of fleecy pants since I am in love with these pants.
Life is for comfort as they say.

Our mountains don't seem to have snow this year . Only one has opened for skiing and it's January already. They try to put the artificial snow but it is not really enough to be satisfying to the true
boarders and skiers.

In Abbottsford we see only a few high snow peaked mountains, with tons of snow and of course Mt Baker in Washington State. It would not be a good sign if that mountain went bare in the summer.
It never does.

The new washing machine we bought has no parts available. I wonder what kind of companies we have today that sell such expensive things but no parts when they break down and then they want you to buy insurance and this means an added expense, still with no parts to be had.
In the mean time the old clunkers keep on clunking away slow but sure and work the way they are supposed to.
I guess things will have to go back to the way they were cause people will just stop buying new technology full of head aches.

Yesterday we had sunny weather which brought the spirits up and today the sun came out again.
Maybe our winter here in BC is over.
I wanted to put something for people to see on the net but I've done nothing except cook meals and so have nothing to show.
I've been mostly on the road with hubby and the scenery is  all the same, news is all the same.

Sochi will be interesting to see with every one walking around with a personal body guard so to speak lol I don't think I'd want to go out there if I was an athlete.

Hope every one has begun a fabulous New Year.
What do you call a Lepraucaun covered in cement?

        A wee hard man.
O'Leary. - See they've found a cure for Arthitis
O'Gill - About time
O'Leary - Aye. They take your bones out.
Not only do you feel better but a lot more relaxed.
The government has our backs against the wall too long says O 'Tool
Aye says Murphy.
Time to turn around and fight!
2 easy lessons on how to teach an Irish Gig.
1) serve plenty of alcohol
2) shut the toilets

Paddy asks O'Tool
Now that we won the lottery, what do we do about the beggin letters?
O'Tool answers : Just keep sendin them.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Frosty January Cooking

Well was unable to post cause blogger had an error and it is still not fixed.
 I thought it had to do with the weather but a week is too long to have blogger fix the problem.
I think I am not the only one with problems.

In the meantime I was busy with recipes cooking up a storm for sit down
dinners which are quite enjoyable but it sure takes a lot of time for the cooking,
the pots and pans the counter cleanings etc.. till the table is finally set to eat.

We are just not used to so called "NORMAL" living cause it really takes a stay at home person to do this killer job. lol 
You also have to be in a good mood or the recipe is slopped together and doesn't come out right.
Either that or you have to be a professional chef who knows his stuff.

Me not being a cook at heart, made it even moreso a trial but I did it. lol

I finally got myself a new toy in a pasta machine at London Drugs. It's manual but it makes
5 different kind of pasta and I like the idea of putting lots of herbs into fresh pasta to cook right away.
It even comes with a stand for noodle drying.This was the only store that had it on the shelf. I know cause I wasted a lot of time and gas trying to find a store which advertised that it had it and didn't

So I made ricotta canneloni with spinach, covered in a really tasty sauce. It had oregano,black pepper, basil, garlic and cayenne in it.

If course my husband said he liked it but it wasn;t his kind of food cause it had no meat in it.
This always dampens my spirit to want to try different recipes with the kind of men I am surrounded by.
Some wives are lucky to have people around them who like to try different things but not my guys.
Once you are used to fish and chips as they say.

I remember  once this man came to a chefs house for dinner and this woman really cooked up a storm of delicious mouth watering dishes. The guy ate and said it's good but not as good as my wifes' cooking. Knowing his wife does not cook, the chefs' curiousity was aroused and she began picking the mnd of his guest to find out what was wrong with the food he was given to eat.
Finally it became clear that the reason was, that his wife always burnt the food and her husband was used to eating it that way.
So unless the food had a burnt taste, it was not good. lol

We sure had a storm that came in from the Pacific ocean last night. It did a lot of swirling like what we interpret as hurricanes, coming into the Gulf Coast on the weather network. It poured and it is still pouring and the wind blew hard and broke a big branch off a Douglas fir.other than that it warmed up.
We had some pretty chilly weather last week.
Usually we dress like the Aussis do in shorts and fleecies and flip flops but lately it needs warmer clothing, gloves hats and winter boots to keep your feet warm.

I hate it when my son plays soccer at night when it gets real frosty. He always comes home coughing.
Well glad to be able to put up a post finally
It still shows error so I don't know what the problem is.
Maybe blogger needs an upgrade??

Gemma Wiseman wrote that all we have to do is up load the pics to Picassa web albums but they only allow you one gigabite and then you have to pay or delete pictures from the blog. So this means you have to sit and play games again. People need to say no and not do it. Why offer a service if everything needs to be paid for. I lost so much stuff already with this computer program playing.
It takes years to collect info and then poof it's all gone.
Keep pics on their disks is an option or maybe have them printed as pictures which is really the best. You don't need all the photos just the good ones.

Did you know the old technology is coming back in style because people are finding out the new one is not good, doesn't last?

New Baby Rearing...modern times.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Beautiful New Year!

This is soo beautiful . Hope you enjoy it.


 The weather in BC is frosty but so much better than all the snow people are trying to dig themselves out of in the interior. By night fall it went up to 5 degrees celsius.

The stores are not so full so it is nicer to shop.

Today I got myself a mortar and pistle,something I've been looking at for years and a wok.
I am in the mood to wok my meat and vegetables Its easy and fast and you eat your vegetable semi raw.
Its also great for sea food. Do a little comme si comme ca and voila!

When we got back home we opened up a bottle of Chardonnay from France and enjoyed it with camembert on vegetable thins.
It went down so well and you dont need to drink more than a few small glasses. Good for the heart as they say.
 My husband is watching BBC and I am tired of listening to nothing but violence.
So I went to watch Steven Segal on TV. At least the good guys win there. lol
Freedom, individualism and not stories about 10 year olds being trained to kill and given 10 wives to procreate an army and more meat to kill rather than to educate to become civil good people.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The moon is getting closer to becoming a half moon I watch it every day as the skies are clear.

It is winter and we still have a few fruit flies flying around and boy do they bite!
We have no idea where they are coming from.
I have a vest I knitted before Christmas and now have just the last few things to finish on it before sewing it up.
I can't wait to see the end result This one will be large. I hate it when I do something and then find out the large is really a medium. If I want the large I have to make it larger than xl.
Other wise it is for children.
Well have a nice evening and sleep well.


Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Sound of Music

This is so interesting
Someones imagination just went wild and one doesn't even need
 real fingers to play this instrument.

The day is dull and rainy.
My husband treated me to Chinese food so we had a wonderful afternoon
and came home to a dark gloomy house to be greeted by mans best friends
 as if we'd been away for a year. lol

Now the lights are on and after pee time outside,   every one is happy.

Nice ending to a week.

Hope you are still enjoying the holidays.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy First Day of the New Year!

Well Here we are, in the long time awaited New Year!

How I wish I could be with these horses enjoying the snow.
This is a good day to live on a farm.

Apparently New York said they will stop buggy rides and if they do
this would be very sad.
Its always nice to see a civilized society where animals are
 protected and included in mans' every day life.
We enjoy our neighbors's rooster crowing during the day.

We celebrated with the rest of the world. Got a few phone calls from
 people who did the same thing as we did, stayed home to relax and
take a breather.
My son went out to party with his girl friend.

I made samosas which we enjoyed and I guess so called left overs will be
enjoyed today.

People blew fire crackers outside and after  fair amount of barking, the dogs
all ran into our bedroom for moral  support.
One jumped on the bed and began to shake and the other made himself
comfortable beside the bed.

I hope you all had a wonderful safe evening and remember to
make life an every day celebration.

Have a good one.


Monday, December 30, 2013


Well we are all stocked up for New Year but the young
people are all going
down town to street party so we old folk will be home alone.
The sky train will probably be running all night and the police will be
also working hard to keep drinking and driving under control

We would love a society without police but it seems we need them
more and more.
Apart from all the snacks that we got,
New Year is usually all sea food in our house.

This year I have a roast beef marinating 48 hours.
I plan to still make the wine leaves and samosas and roast potatoes
but the salmon will have to wait as well as the Coquilles St Jacques
shrimp, calamari, sushi. I wanted to get octopus but it was all from Asia
so I didn't.Maybe I'll find some in another store from Canada or the US.

They had beautiful ocean perch I couldn't resist so I will fry it tonight.
They also have beautiful carp but no one eats it cause it's a bottom cleaner
 and although our lakes are all clean, the pollution is at the bottom and
eaten by fish. This won't change for another 200 years.
 My Mom made carp with tomato sauce.
First she put flour on slices ( we just cut through the whole fish to make about 6 portions,
or you can also cut the fish in half lengthwise and then cut 1 1/2 inch slices from each side
 which made about 12 slices) and fried it, then she fried onions and
made a nice tomato sauce.
She would place the fish pieces in pyrex and cover the fish slices and bake at 350.
Then we let it cool and put it  into the fridge for when we needed it .
It is delicious cold .

We still have fondue, ham to glaze with melted butter honey and corn syrup
and a pork roast with garlic and rosemary but this
 will be too much for just 2 people. So we will just have to make smaller meals
 for when we have more people to eat and hope for the best.

Living on the west coast takes some getting used to .
We always celebrate at midnight
by opening the TV for the count down from New York but here its at 9 PM not midnight.

By the time it is midnight here, no one is awake to celebrate and the TV doesn't  do
 much with the celebrations they have on Vancouver Island.
The best is from Hong Kong NY and
then they show bits from Australia and other countries.
It works for us cause we say Happy New Year at 9 pm and we can go to bed and
the kids can go out or party at home.

I hope every one has a splendid day tomorrow.
I will drink a toast to all my friends on A Lady's Life
so no one will be forgotten.
Hope the New Year is a better year for peace, love, prosperity,
health and friendship world wide.




Friday, December 27, 2013

Irrisistable Bear

This is Bear.
He is a Shiranian, a mix of Shitzu and Pomeranian.

He is such a friendly little pup. He tried to play with my old dogs but they were not in play mood.
They are set in their ways and Bear looked into Beaus eyes so lovingly to try to entice him to play but Beau just slowly wagged his tail to say ya ya ok kid I know. I luv you too but go find a toy or something lol
. Tanya would have nothing to do with him and strutted around with her don't bug me nose up in the air. lol

I made two outfits. One for my Tanya and then another one for Bear and this was his Christmas gift.
Beau didn't get a gift because he went under the tree and sniffed his out and opened the box to pull one chewy out, so we had to hide the gift but he still got a chewy as did the other dogs on Christmas Eve.

Bear did too much partying and he got ill in the middle of the night and the kids were worried sick over him.
I gave him yogurt to calm his stomach which he immediately threw up but I told the kids he still has some good bacteria in him and to give him another spoonful in a few hours.

By morning he was back to his usual jovial self, bouncing around happily, tail wagging a mile a minute and full of kisses.
He has so much character that it is hard not to fall in love with this pup.
Once he was soo happy to see me, he just ran all the way up my body to kiss. I thought gosh, its a good thing he is friendly cause if he wasn't that was some fast move to get into someones' face and totally unexpected. He has absolutely no fear.

Thing is, with this dog , it is  also very hard to see his face but when he was sick his nose jutted out and he looked so miserable, you had to feel for him. Poor little guy.

His Mama is so very proud of her baby. She loves him to bits and outfitted him in Santas' hat and rings with bells on all 4 paws. He looked so cute and jingled every where he went.
It didn't take him long to undress lol

I managed to take a relatively good shot of him to share.
 He is just one adorable little dog.
 Dear Treelanders:
With the holidays upon us I would like to share a personal experience with you about drinking and driving. As you know some of us have had our brushes with the authorities from time to time on the way home after a “social event” out with friends.
Well, last night I was out for an evening with friends/clients and had a few to many cocktails, followed by some nice red wine. Feeling a bit “happy”, I still had enough sense to know that…I may be over the limit. That’s when I did something I’ve never done before… I took a cab home!
Sure enough, on the way home there was a police road block, but since I was in a cab they waved it past. Thankfully I arrived home safely without incident.
This was a real relief and surprise because I had never driven a cab before. I don’t know where I got it and now that it’s in my garage I don’t know what to do with it..
Drive safely this holiday season!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays

A priest says to his friend, the rabbi, that he has a perfect way of eating for free in restaurants. “I go in at well past 9 o’clock in the evening, eat several courses slowly, linger over coffee, port and a cigar. Come 2 o’clock, as they are clearing everything away, I just keep sitting there until eventually a waiter comes up and asks me to pay. Then I say: ‘I’ve already paid your colleague who has left.’ Because I am a man of the cloth, they take my word for it, and I leave.”

The rabbi is impressed, and says: “Let’s try it together this evening.”

So the priest books them into a restaurant and come2 o’clock they are both still quietly sitting there after a very full meal. Sure enough, a waiter comes over and asks them to pay. The priest just says: “I’ve already paid your colleague who has left.”
And the rabbi adds: “And we are still waiting for the change!”

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve.
We began with our presents after midnight.
Santa had visited by then and we finished around 3 am
Then till 6 am we had to chat and play with our toys.

The night just whizzed by.

My husband bought the above cake at one of the Save on Foods
on King George  cause I told him this was one of the best places to buy cakes.

Of course my husband left it to the last moment and there were only three left by the time he got there.
Anyway it was a light and fluffy cheesecake and we enjoyed it.

My supper came out really good with lamb and duck, stuffed wine leaves, glazed carrots , broccoli
mashed potatoes Eggplant spread, fried mushrooms, and tempura zucchini and sweet potatoes, a dish with sliced tomatoes, cheese onions and
cucumbers. I learned not to make salad people have problems with marinades.

My sons' girl friend spent the holiday with us and she was nothing but a pure delight.
We miss not having a girl in our family.

I hope you had a wonderful Eve as well and enjoyed your friends and family
This is the best thing in the world to have around you at this special time of the year.



Monday, December 23, 2013


A big "Thank You" to each and everyone of you, for any impact you had on my life this year. Especially for all the e-mails I received.......without you, I'm sure that 2013 would have been extremely boring.

From my side I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas Season filled with Loving Wishes and Beautiful Thoughts.

May 2014 mark the beginning of a Tidal Wave of Love,Happiness and Bright Futures.

And to those who need someone special, may you find that true love.

To those who need money, may your finances overflow

To those who need caring, may you find a good heart

To those who need friends, I am still here for you
Thanks for being my friend!!



Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Life.

Ginger bread and sugar plums all under the tree.
It takes so much work to dress up the tree and to get the toys to join in
the celebration.

I often wonder why people throw all the toys away because they can
 always be a part of the Christmas spirit to keep child hood in the air.

Like my son, reflected on the gray dog in the back ground and said I remember this dog.
I used to like it.

And the pink Easter bunny appeared on our car roof one day in a basket.
My son never figured out how the Easter Bunny found our car in the parking lot. lol
I don't remember how I got it there without my son seeing me put it there.

When you look at each and every thing it has a history and fond memories which makes it special.

I hope you have treasures at home to celebrate Christmas with.

Mary and Joseph I got a few Christmases ago from my son and so this statue is very special
to him and for me because he gave it to me. I love to display it and look at it knowing where it came from.

Once, a long time ago, we found a kitten on the busy street. It was still very tiny.
So I put it into a brown bag and when we got it home I causally gave it to my oldest son and said here put this into the fridge.

He took the bag and as he was walking to the fridge, he felt the bag moving and a tiny meow.
He stopped and began to examine the bag and as he opened it his eyes grew wide in delight
to see a tiny kitten there. Well he was so happy and we began to take care of it giving it milk and pablum. A kitty got a home that day. Presentation makes all the difference.



Friday, December 20, 2013

Ugly Sweaters

The mantle display is nice to look at. and with the candles burning at night,
 it makes it even nicer.

Today we have lots of snow It is wet sticky and heavy
so I guess it will melt soon enough if it doesn't turn to ice tonight.
The big dog loved it and the little dog ran out, got cold feet and
 bolted back into the house.

Was fun to go to work today lol
Soo much traffic every where.

Today was ugly sweater day so the kids were trying to wear Christmas sweaters
to be in
I don't know why Christmas sweaters are called ugly They are for Christmas only
and so I think they are nice.

I think the top one is very nice Imagine having to make all those squares. Lots of work there. Well have a good one. xoxoxoxoxoxox